Brandon Graham: Game-ending strip sack will “change our season around”

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The touchdown pass from Carson Wentz to Boston Scott gave the Eagles a late lead. The strip sack from defensive end Brandon Graham sealed the win. And it potentially sparked a turnaround from the 2-4-1 Eagles, who suddenly are in first place in the division.

“It’s going to change our season around, I do feel that,” Graham told reporters after the 22-21 win. “I believe that. I think every week we are going to continue to build on what we are doing and next up is the Cowboys. But I do think it’s a confidence boost for our team to let us know that, no matter what, we are still in this thing and we just have to keep fighting, keep believing and keep working on those little things that tend to sneak up on us in these games, so yeah.”

Graham, who knows a thing or two about sealing wins with a strip sack, got his motivation from something suggested by a teammate Jordan Mailata.

“He had said something to me that sparked me,” Graham said. “He said, ‘Act like Emerson is watching.’ My baby girl. She would be excited for me. ‘And give her something to be proud of.’ So it was just cool that I made that play but he said that to me before I went out there. And so I’m telling you it’s just something about the end of these games with the rotation that we have, you feel stronger, you just can’t wait because you know you are in a pass situation and all you have to do is make a couple moves, get to the quarterback, hoping that he holds the ball. And he held the ball right there, went straight for the ball. Thank you, [Brian Dawkins]. Because B-Dawk definitely went for the ball. Thinking about you. And instead of going just for the sack, went for the ball and we changed the whole game and the end of the game with that.”

And so the end of the game could be the start of something for the Eagles, who could take this win and use it as the starting point for something that will end with a division rival and a chance to cross swords with the best teams in the conference come January.

6 responses to “Brandon Graham: Game-ending strip sack will “change our season around”

  1. Brandon I got news for you,,, he gets strip-sacked every game, so a whole lot of teams seasons will be turned around !

  2. While another Jones fumble was a fitting ending, they weren’t going to win anyway. In fact, once Engram dropped the pass, I knew it was over. Trust me–I’ve been watching them do this for 40 years.

  3. wonder what he means by “change our season around”

    If he means going 6-10 and winning the division with that record then yeah i guess he’s right

  4. I believe we are watching history in the making, the first time in NFL history that a 6 win team will be hosting a playoff game. The only question is, which team in this division can get to 6?

  5. As bad as the Eagles look I predict they’ll go 4-12 or 5-11 this season, the hardest part of their schedule is weeks 11-15!

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