Sam Darnold hears Trevor Lawrence talk

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Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is trying to get back on the field after missing the last two games with a right shoulder injury while others are starting to talk about the team drafting his replacement.

As the only winless team in the league, the Jets are the early favorites to land the first overall pick in this year’s draft. That pick will almost certainly be used on Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Darnold said Thursday that he’s well aware that some are already planning for Lawrence to land with the team.

“I have social media,” Darnold said, via Al Iannazone of Newsday. “I’ve seen some of the things. We got a game to win this week. That’s all we’re worried about. . . . It’s out of my control. I’m here to do my best and help this team win games. That’s all I can do. With that it’s preparing every single day as hard as I can and going out to practice and trying to have the best practice I can. That’s all that I can do.”

Darnold has practiced the last two days and another day of work on Friday could lead to his return against the Bills. That would offer him a chance to start pushing the Jets out of Lawrence range, although the overall state of the Jets means that may prove to be more than any one man can muster.

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  1. Watch Darnold get traded and become successfull in a competent organization. Dude has a lot of talent imo.

  2. He gets strip sacked for a fumble and tosses 1-2 interceptions every game and thinks it’s out of his control if the Jets draft Lawrence. Yeah, time for you to go.

  3. I’ve never been a Darnold fan but if they think their problems can be fixed by drafting Lawrence then they would be sadly mistaken. They have no many holes on that team. If they got the first pick and didn’t trade it, it would be a perfect jets move.

  4. Perhaps the Jets drafting Lawerence is the best thing that could happen for Darnold’s NFL career.

  5. Don’t worry, Sam. Lawrence is not going to throw away his career and play for the Jets. He’ll pull an Eli if they draft him. At least, he better.

  6. If I were Trevor Lawrence I’d put the Jets on notice right now that they’d be wasting a pick if they drafted me. No intelligent person would blame Lawrence one bit, and if I were Sam Darnold I’d welcome a trade with open arms. It’s unfortunate that many of the best young QB’s get drafted to teams that aren’t well run. Why reward incompetence?

  7. The Jets are not drafting Lawrence, that puts us in the same hole were already in. If the media would stop pushing their own narrative maybe this kid than focus on the game and not answer questions like this.

    New York is the only market where the media brings down its own teams.

  8. Does anyone think Trevor Lawrence would succeed with the current Jets coaching staff?

    Does anyone think Darnold could not be successful in a better organization?

  9. 1) Lawrence will got back to school if Jets have first pick… 2) What good does picking him do? The Jets need so much help EVERYWHERE. People act like drafting Lawrence would turn them into a contender. As often happens, when a bad team drafts a really good QB, by the time the team puts pieces in place around him, the QB has been beaten up so much, he is toast. The same thing will happen in Cincy if they don’t get Burrow some help. No, the Jets need to get rid of Gase and his staff for starters.

  10. It would be great for him if the Jets got Lawrence, and traded Darnold to a different team.
    At this point, any team would be a step up from the Jets.

  11. If I were Trevor I’d let the Jets know there is no way I’m playing for that team (unless he has a desire to live in the New York area).I would encourage them to draft someone else and work out a trade package. If I felt they were still intent on drafting me, then I’d return to Clemson for my senior year.

    Of course, if the Jets overhauled the front office and brought in a legitimate head coach, I could be persuaded to change my mind. But, I would not sign with that team seeing how it is currently constructed. Even a player as talented as Trevor could end up a bust playing with that organization.

  12. Darnold certainly isn’t the problem. They have terrible ownership, a bad coach and a history of making bad decisions.

    But bad ownership is really hard, if not impossible, to overcome. As afanof7 says above, drafting Lawrence doesn’t solve anything.

  13. If I were Lawrence, I would warn the Jets not to draft me. And if the Jets traded the pick, they will probably regret it for about 12 yrs. Either way, the Jets are in a lose-lose situation.

  14. afanof7 says:
    October 23, 2020 at 7:56 am
    The Jets are not drafting Lawrence, that puts us in the same hole were already in. If the media would stop pushing their own narrative maybe this kid than focus on the game and not answer questions like this.

    New York is the only market where the media brings down its own teams.


    The media isn’t bringing the Jets down. The Jets are doing a terrific job of that all on their own.

  15. Tannehill was not very good under Gase looks like he’s doing pretty good now,coaching matters

  16. Is Gase still “The Quarterback Whisperer”?
    Perhaps Darnold has a hearing problem. It happens.

  17. if i’m lawrence and the jets get the pick i’m staying in school for my last year

  18. afanof7 says:
    October 23, 2020 at 7:56 am

    …New York is the only market where the media brings down its own teams.

    Philadelphia: “Hold my beer!”

  19. If Darnold can come back and win enough games with THIS team to get out of that pick, he deserves to be the long term starter, anyway. I haven’t seen Sam as our problem, I see poor coaching and uninspired players as the issue. That might be an indictment of Sam’s leadership, but it really trickles down from ownership. That organization is a dumpster fire. I’ve been a lifelong fan, trust me, they’re awful lol.

    On another note it’s the most JETS thing ever to land the first overall pick in a draft where there’s a generational prospect at QB to be picked, only to have him decide he’d rather go back to college for a year and risk being injured without a contract rather than play for your franchise 😂😂😂

  20. Eagles will trade with Douglas….TWO #1, 2021 AND 2022, Wentz, Ertz,and Cox…….

  21. People saying it’s Gase are missing it, it’s the owner and has been for many, many years. At least the Mets have a new owner now; here’s hoping the Jets can get one soon.

  22. Sam,
    Dont worry. Hopefully you will get a chance with a better team with better, more consistent coaching and management. The Jets will draft Lawrence and ruin his career early too.

  23. The Jets will draft Lawrence and trade Darnold. And in two years, they will again draft and trade.

  24. A lot of games left in the season….Treavor is hoping the Jets win a couple games and get out of that first pick. If not…stay in school!

  25. The Jets just traded a linebacker and a good defensive lineman. They will do whatever to make sure they lose every game. I am sure the decision is made to fire gase–his own value now is to give the Jets the best chance to lose every game. Either to secure Lawrence or get as much value from the pick as possible.

    They will clean out the coaching. And a lot of players like the Dolphins did. They need a total rebuild. They probably will trade Darnold mainly because they need another QB on a rookie contract to help with the Salary Cap. Darnold gets a shot with a real team, they get 5 years of Cap relief. And ideally they draft/free agent sign every good OL they can to give Lawrence every chance to suceed.

    I have faith in their GM–and he has the 6 year contract. Gase is toast-between doing a terrible job coaching, to openly saying he doesn’t want players that the team signed, he simply has no ability to manage players and personalites. He whines about social media, but he GOES to the media to say he doesn’t want somebody–under contract. Nobody will play for him again.

  26. Does anybody really think that Sam darnold is ever going to be a super bowl winning quarterback? Winning games at this point is just going to hurt the Jets in the future

  27. Darnold is praying the Jets trade him. He has the potential, but clearly hasn’t gotten any good coaching or support. Leaving NY and the expectations of being the 3rd overall pick might really help him, much like it did Tannehill (whose career turned around once he left Gase).

  28. Darnold might go the Tannehill route and find success once he can get away from Adam “the QB killer” Gase.

  29. Did not Aaron Rogers have his worst game because offensive line could not protect him? Brady was bad because last year receiver were not good in NE? QB’s performance depends upon their team. It is steam sports

  30. TL will not spend an extra year in school if the Jets draft him. That would be foolish due to injury risks. Likely, he will force a trade ala Eli unless the Jets totally overhaul their coaching staff and some other things.

  31. He’s another top 10 Jets draft bust. They are legends in this area. They should beg to trade out of the top 10 every year.

  32. Lawrence needs to pull a Elway and force himself out of that dumpster fire. Stay at Clemson

  33. Did not Aaron Rogers have his worst game because offensive line could not protect him? Brady was bad because last year receiver were not good in NE? QB’s performance depends upon their team. It is a team sport.


    Everything you said about football being a team sport is right on. That’s why I find it puzzling that somewhere along the line player agents (and their QB clients) were able to pull the wool over the eyes of NFL owners. The going rate for a QB on his 2nd NFL contract works out to be 15%-18% of the total team cap space on a 53 man roster. Guys can go from making 5-12 million to over 30 in 5 years or less.

    It speaks volumes when the current mindset of a GM/Owner is to win a SB while a newly drafted QB is on his first deal, because doing so is much more difficult when he takes up nearly 20% of the team salary on a second deal. When a great QB hits his prime it’s almost impossible to build a solid roster from top to bottom and create a long window to compete for championships.

  34. He may be the worse starting QB in the division and looks to be a bust. Is he better than Fitz Magic, Cam, or Josh Allen? No.

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