No fans at Giants, Jets games for at least another 30 days

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As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, so too do the attendance figures at plenty of NFL games. In at least one state, this counterintuitive dynamic won’t be unfolding any time soon.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has extended for another 30 days the public health emergency that prevents the Jets and Giants from having fans at their home games. (Whether any fans would actually want to go to their home games at this point of the season is a different issue.)

“Today’s new COVID-19 case count marks our highest daily figure since May,” Murphy said in a press release. “As we face a steep increase in cases, it could not be more important to ensure we have access to all available resources.”

The pandemic hasn’t subsided; it’s intensifying. Still, more and more people seem to be growing numb to it — even as the national death toll rises to a level that should be horrifying. And the longer it goes that we settle into acceptance, the harder it will be to turn it all around.

16 responses to “No fans at Giants, Jets games for at least another 30 days

  1. Shocking that fans are allowed in these venues considering we hit our highest single day case count 83k yesterday and the experts are saying it will hit 6 figures daily soon. Murphy is just about the only one who has this thing under control.

    Allowing more and more fans as things get worse and worse, makes zero sense if your goal is to complete the season with the least amount of covid related complications possible.

  2. TouchdownKANSASCITY! says:
    October 24, 2020 at 2:34 pm
    They have fans?

    Stop with that garbage. Yes, both teams stink and are probably going to be the top 2 picks on the draft but the Giants and Jets both have strong fan bases.

  3. Check out the video. They’ve found fans at the club and should be all suspended for violating multiple NYC ordinances surrounding covid. Thank goodness they have 9 days between games so they can’t infect the entire locker room.

  4. Who would want to see either of these garbage teams right now? Do the people a favor and don’t allow fans for the rest of the season.

  5. Cases are spiking right now. If it was too dangerous to let fans in before, then it is even more dangerous now.

    Having a few thousand fans at a game does nothing. They still play the fake crowd noise. Why risk infecting more people….especially now?

  6. Have you watched the Jets and Giants this year?
    I’m not that far from the Meadowlands and you would have to pay me a few hundred to waste 6 hours of my life watching the college level football they play.

  7. The bigger conversation is one that no one is ready to have out loud. These games without the fans have been 140% better to watch. Fans ruin the experience of a live game. The NFL should keep the no fans in the stadiums going after people are allowed to be near each other again.

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