Andy Dalton diagnosed with concussion but flying home with team

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Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton is in concussion protocol after taking an illegal hit to the head from Washington linebacker Jon Bostic.

Dalton is alert and doing much better than he was after being helped off the field by the team’s medical staff, according to a team spokesman.

Dalton is in “good spirits” and will fly home with the team.

Dalton left with 6:20 remaining in the third quarter. Rookie Ben DiNucci replaced him and could start next Sunday against the Eagles if Dalton isn’t cleared for the game.

Ezekiel Elliott was asked what he thought when he saw Dalton’s injury, which comes two weeks after Dak Prescott‘s season-ending ankle injury, and said, “Just how s—ty this year’s been.”

The Cowboys also were without four starting offensive linemen in Sunday’s 25-3 loss, and they gave up six sacks to Washington.

12 responses to “Andy Dalton diagnosed with concussion but flying home with team

  1. Well heck yeah, that was a concussion. You don’t need to be knocked out or even dizzy. His head took a serious shot.

  2. In my very best Dandy Don Meredith voice” Turn out the lights, the parties over…”

  3. Now we have to deal with the remaining
    11 nationally televised Cowboys games

  4. I’ve seen pro-fighters wake up better, and I, personally, have come around from gran maul seizures better than he looked after that world-changer. That better be one hell of a ‘protocol’ he goes through before he sees game time again. Good luck to him, and I hope the medical staff around him respect him and treat him honestly.

  5. Every team has to develop the next man up approach.It has certainly failed in Dallas. The ‘Boys are very disappointing to say the least. There will be a lot more questions asked this week if it’s the Cowboys (as a team), or the coaching?

  6. looks like JJ has fully turned the cowgirls into a true dumpster fire. He fires garrett and the replacement is a total failure and the players are not buying a matter of fac…the management has lost the locker room. Welcome to the cow-dumpster fire.

  7. How do his teammates look him in the eyes after letting him down like that? It was pathetic.

  8. Sad to say it may say more about how the team views Dalton by not responding to the
    dirty hit.
    I cannot imagine the team not responding had it been Dak in that situation.

  9. I’m an eagles fan and the pop warner quarterback in me wanted to punch Bostic in the face after that one. I hope Andy is alright. That looked awful. They need someone to stand up and question why their quarterback can take a shot like that and have no one defend him.

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