Antonio Brown’s civil sexual assault trial currently is set for December

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When the NFL suspended Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown for eight games earlier this year, the punishment came with a caveat: More sanctions could be added, based on developments in the lawsuit filed against him in September 2019 for sexual assault and rape.

That case, Britney Taylor v. Antonio Brown, currently is set for trial in December in Broward County, Florida.

The discovery process continues; that’s the phase of the litigation in which the parties gather information from each other. Brown, as one source with knowledge of the process explained it to PFT, has a week or so to disclose items that have been requested of him, after receiving multiple extensions.

The league’s announcement regarding Brown’s suspension arguably created the impression that it will monitor the litigation, potentially taking further action based on the evidence presented at trial and the eventual verdict. As it stands, the trial and the verdict could be coming soon.

Now that Brown has NFL employment, a request to bump the trial date into the offseason could be coming soon from his lawyers. Regardless, absent a settlement, the claims against Brown will be detailed in open court, with testimony from his accuser and testimony from Brown.

10 responses to “Antonio Brown’s civil sexual assault trial currently is set for December

  1. Talent still trumps all in the NFL. In between a lengthy suspension and a permanent suspension there was a 7 game window where he could play and didn’t the Bucs fall over themselves to take advantage of it.

  2. Yet Goodell forces NE to cut Brown but allows Tampa to sign him.

    Another form of cheating. It’s no different than NE signing Newton and Goodell immediately stealing a 3rd rd pick for no reason.

  3. Cant believe this Clown is back in the league. I don’t think it will be for long. He’ll do something stupid again. Good luck Tampa, you had a good thing going.

  4. Tom G says:
    October 25, 2020 at 11:25 am
    Cant believe this Clown is back in the league.

    It has happened since the beginning of sports. Talent trumps everything. When the baggage becomes greater than the talent, the player is done.

  5. So now the Bucs can look forward to having Brown in court while they’ll be gearing up for the playoffs.
    Brown hasn’t even joined the team yet & he’s already presenting a potential distraction

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