Cam Jordan: Saints knew Joey Slye wouldn’t make 65-yard field goal

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The Saints had to sweat out a 65-yard field goal try to avoid overtime against the Panthers. As defensive end Cam Jordan tells it, there was no sweating at all.

“We know it’s not going in,” Jordan told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 27-24 victory regarding the mindset before the attempt, which would have set an NFL record. “If anything, I don’t even think we sent our edge rushers. We knew this was out of this guy’s helm and it was straight and we were the entire time telling him like he wasn’t gonna make it and we all knew that. I think he knew that, and that’s how it played out.”

I then asked Jordan if he was surprised that the kick was so close to being good.

“I was not surprised that he didn’t make it,” Jordan said.

But for a key sack by Marcus Davenport, the attempt would have been a lot closer — and the Saints and Panthers may have played some bonus football.

9 responses to “Cam Jordan: Saints knew Joey Slye wouldn’t make 65-yard field goal

  1. C’mon Cam, that was too close to give your statements any relevance. Would you own up to saying that if he would have made it? Give the dude a little credit for a dang good attempt. This is from a big saints fan, bty.

  2. It would have been good for football fans for this generation, BUT we all know that the late Tom Dempsey STILL has the longest FG in history WITHOUT the aid of thin air in Denver or in a dome. Sorry Prater.

  3. I too am a Saints fan but that ball didn’t come down at the 5. He missed it by a whisker and it was right down the middle.

  4. I’m a loyal Saints fan and I think Cam’s full assurance that the kicker wouldn’t make the kick is a very smug comment. I really hope the rest of the team feels different and very fortunate to get the ‘W’

    When it comes down to the team kicker making a 65 yard field goal to keep your team from losing, it’s NOT a situation, where you blame the kicker. It’s the veteran Quarterback’s fault for taking a sack and forcing a 65 yard field goal.

    As much as I’m glad the Saints won, I’m not relieved. When a team wins, as a result of the opponent’s error, (Teddy taking a huge sack), and the overmatched Chargers took O.T. to win, I’m not seeing the Saints play at an elite level, yet!

    The bottom line is this team is short at receiver. They have a diva at WR that needs a one way ticket out of town or get back in the field and help this team win.

    The Saints need to put teams away and they have the talent and potential to make a super bowl run, but I cannot honestly say they are playing better than the Bucs, at this time; regardless of the Week One win.

    With the upcoming road games, at Chicago and at Tampa Bay, the Saints will have to play more dominant and not rely on unforced errors by these next two opponents to win, or they will be fighting for wild card weekend for rest of the season.

  5. Congratulations on making the sack when you needed it….still doesn’t excuse your defense from playing like doo doo for 58 minutes.

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