Carlos Dunlap continues to be at odds with the Bengals


Defensive end Carlos Dunlap‘s long relationship with the Bengals continues to look like it is approaching an ugly end.

Dunlap has not been shy about sharing his displeasure with a diminished role on the team’s defense this season and his frustrations appeared to boil over late in Sunday’s loss to the Browns. Dunlap and an assistant believed to be defensive line coach Nick Eason were in each other’s face having a heated conversation with seconds to go in the game.

After the game, Dunlap posted a tweet offering to sell his Cincinnati home in what appears to be a bid to get off the team. His teammates seemed upset about Dunlap’s behavior.

“For him to do that on the sideline, I don’t agree with it,” wide receiver Tyler Boyd said, via Jeremy Rauch of FOX19.

Wide receiver A.J. Green said the team needs to “keep all this in house” and running back Giovani Bernard expressed regret that head coach Zac Taylor has to deal with things like this. We’ll see how Taylor and the organization opt to deal with it in the coming days.

8 responses to “Carlos Dunlap continues to be at odds with the Bengals

  1. Maybe it’s because the players they are running out there can even get a sniff of the QB and he thinks he can make a difference. They had Baker looking like Pat Mahomes in the second half.

  2. Nobody is going to trade for him, especially after that display on the sidelines. It’s pretty bad when your teammates take you to task for your behavior. If anyone does trade for him it will only be for this season because no way are they picking up the $10M on his contract for next year. They may not even want to pay the remainder of his $7.8M salary this year.

    It does make me wonder though. He’s been a good player for the last ten years (81.5 sacks) so what happened this year for it to get ugly like this.

  3. He’s also been a part of the miserable defense they’ve put on the field the past 4 years. These old, slow guys are having a hard time adjusting to the end of their careers. He probably has a place in the league. But it sounds like he won’t be happy with what that place is at this point. Bad decision to act like a junior high kid on the sideline. On the positive, if there is one, the offense is really starting to click with Burrow and the receivers/tight ends/running backs. They’re scoring on nearly every possession. If we can’t agree that this team is heading in the right direction, then why is anyone still here? You’re not supposed to lose games when you score this much. Frustrating, but Manning lived through it and all the super pessimistic “fans” will be back talking smack when it finally pays off. Who Day! and Bye Bye Carlos. It was a great run sir

  4. Maybe don’t get neutral zone infractions on 3rd and 5 giving the other team a free first down on a crucial drive in your territory and maybe you’d see the field more.

  5. It’s funny, because this is clearly a situation where Dunlap is not the good guy – he’s an aging player who doesn’t have “it” anymore and the demotion has gotten to him and he’s handling it in the worst way possible.

    But the Bengals have a coach who simply can’t win and everyone knows it now. None of his decisions will be justified when you can’t win. I honestly think a lot of people will look at this as Dunlap standing up to the coaches who the fans desperately want gone. Get your popcorn ready, I guess.

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