Derrick Henry: MVP conversation needs to start with Ryan Tannehill

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Titans running back Derrick Henry has become the best running back in the league, and he has become a potential MVP candidate. But Henry would cast an MVP ballot for someone else on his team.

“We see the throws, we see the plays he makes in the game, and I think that’s where the MVP conversation needs to start, is Ryan Tannehill,” Henry told PFT PM earlier this week.

Henry reflected on the difference between Tannehill when he arrived as a backup and now.

“I think whenever he came he just approached practice, the preparation, as a starter,” Henry said. “We know what he’s done in Miami so we know he had that type of ability. From the time he came in and took over for the position just been a general. He’s been spectacular.”

Indeed he has. With 16 games in the books as Tennessee’s starter, Tannehill has completed 70.1 percent of his throws for 4,113 yards, 35 touchdown passes, and eight interceptions. That’s a passer rating of 116.04, and an average per attempt of 8.96 yards. He also has scored five rushing touchdowns.

So, yes, Henry is right. Tannehill should be in the MVP conversation. Just like the Dolphins hoped he would be when making him the eighth over pick in the 2012 draft.

The next test comes today, when the 5-0 Titans host the 5-0 Steelers in the only game that was delayed from one week to another as a result of COVID-19.

20 responses to “Derrick Henry: MVP conversation needs to start with Ryan Tannehill

  1. He’s not wrong, RT had terrible coaching for 7 seasons down in Davie. I’m rooting for him.

  2. Tannehill has done a commendable job, but to mention his name in any conversation about the MVP is sheer lunacy.

  3. Tannehill needed time to clean up some of his shortcomings coming out of college. He wasn’t very good at throwing a deep ball and didn’t move well in the pocket. He did get better despite all the dysfunction and lack of talent around him in Miami. No one can question his toughness or ability to throw on the run, which he does extremely well. Having a running back like Derrick Henry makes ANY quarterback play better. I like the job Mike Vrabel has done. It should be a fun game to watch against the Steelers; some physical, old skool football.

  4. Its a shame that many still do not give RT17 the credit he deserves.
    I just watched NFLN and they still toss shade at him. This guy has shown he is legit and will continue to. If he balls out today vs Steelers that should finally cement that he belongs in the conversation with Mahomes and Jackson and even Brees and Rogers.
    I’m not talking about career im talking about right now. He is playing as good as any of them.

  5. I believe Tannehill has had the tools. He just needed to be in the right system with a good team around him like anybody would need.

  6. Let’s see how he does against Pittsburgh first! Also seems to me the most valuable person on that team isn’t even him ,it’s the running back that’s talking about him!

  7. I take it that maybe the Dolphins are finally starting to realize T – Hill wasn’t the problem.

  8. I can see Tannehill in the conversation for MVP, but any defensive back who can get a clean tackle on Derrick Henry without suffering bone deep bruises is the real MVP.

  9. Even i got to admit RT is clearly in the race though behind his teammate. I was wrong about him. It may have been the bad coaching in Miami. He looks like the real deal now and not just because of the running game. He makes the right reads, he foes through his progressions now without staring down a wr, and he has developed good accuracy on his deep ball. He has to win when it counts but he has done everything else in my book to be called an elite QB in the nfl. Good for him and good for MV who also has to get a lot of credit..

  10. Great example of how important it is to have a running game, O-Line and good )-Coordinator for a young QB. Wonder how many of those who were “busts” were just victims of bad teams and could have been good in the right situation.

  11. Titannehill has won four out of five games from behind … he is already in the conversation for MVQB …

  12. Sofar Henry is doing nothing and Tannehill is 6 for 12 for 50 yards while barely dodging a fumble and a int while losing 24-7 3rd quarter.

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