DK Metcalf saves a pick-six with play of the game so far

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No matter how many catches makes tonight, none might prove bigger than the tackle he made.

First, Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins fumbled, with Poona Ford forcing it and K.J. Wright recovering it after a 1-yard gain to the Arizona 31. Five plays later, the Seahawks were poised to go ahead 20-7 on a Russell Wilson pass to Chris Carson in the end zone.

Wilson, though, never saw safety Budda Baker.

Baker, who had his first career interception last week against Dallas in winning defensive player of the week honors, stepped in front of the pass and was off to the races. Nobody stood between Baker and the other end zone.

But DK Metcalf came out of nowhere and chased down Baker at the Seattle 8 after a 90-yard return.

It was the play of the game so far, because the Cardinals didn’t convert.

Kyler Murray, on fourth-and-goal from the 3-yard line, threw an incompletion after dropping back and back and back and back under heavy pressure.

The Seahawks drove 97 yards in only six plays with Carlos Hyde covering the final 24 with a tight-rope down the sideline. Seattle now leads 20-7.

12 responses to “DK Metcalf saves a pick-six with play of the game so far

  1. What a great effort play by DK. That’s how to you get on the good side of your QB. saved a pick six and gave your defense a chance to shut them out of the end zone. He also got to showcase thar 4.3 speed of his.

  2. Stop the 4th down attempts. Kick the FG and take the points. Tell your players “I gave you three tries to score”.

  3. Other athletes should look at that play and say to themselves this guy never never gave up.

  4. One of the best hustle plays I’ve seen. Ben Watson on Champ Bailey is still the best. Take a look at the video. A tight end catching one of the fastest corners in the game at the time. And he he came a lot further than DK. No knock on Metcalf because it was one helluva play!It just immediately reminded me of the Watson play so I had to look it up.

  5. Such fantastic effort, really amazing. Instant respect for him for doing that. More effort from him in that one play than from the entire Cowboys team in their pathetic showing today, failing to show up and leaving their QB out to dry.

    Good work, Metcalf!

  6. Doesn’t matter if he saved it. The ref made up for it in the unnecessary roughness penalty on Bobby. Then they pull the call on Locket touchdown. Refs were just trying to make Hawks have no more timeouts and hoping Murray could win and be one game behind the hawks.

  7. They should have DK play defense since they seemed happy to just use him as a decoy in offense.

  8. Great pick by Budda! And then out of nowhere DK motor’s him down… Yes, HUGE respect for that effort.

  9. Great hustle play, along with Watson catching Bailey, Larry Allen of the Cowboys chasing down the linebacker Connor, and Willie Brown chasing down an Oiler in a game where the Oilers fumbled on the next play.

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