Gardner Minshew in danger of being benched for Mike Glennon

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Jaguars coach Doug Marrone acknowledged this week that starting quarterback Gardner Minshew could be benched in the future. Today may be the future.

Minshew is in danger of being benched in favor of backup quarterback Mike Glennon today, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Minshew has shown promise since being drafted in the sixth round last year, but he hasn’t taken the step forward this season the Jaguars were hoping he would.

But Glennon has never shown much either, and it’s hard to see how he would make the Jaguars better. At some point Jacksonville may turn to its third-string quarterback, rookie Jake Luton.

35 responses to “Gardner Minshew in danger of being benched for Mike Glennon

  1. Glennon came from behind to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh when he was a Buc. He’s got talent but not very consistent.

  2. Maybe if the Khan’s spent less time focused on their silly little wrestling side project and more time focused on their football team, they wouldn’t have so many holes to fill on that roster. Stick to real sports, fellas.

  3. So Murray was the only good QB to come out of the 2019 class. Minshew, Jones and Lock are up and down, and Haskins and Stidham are just bad.

  4. I’ve never been a believer on Minshew. I thought benching Foles for him last year was utterly ridiculous. That being said, I looked at the Jaguars entire roster. I knew or recognized EIGHT names. The guy has absolutely nothing around him. This potential move is obviously about tanking at this point.

  5. I understand that if the QB isn’t playing well then they deserve to be benched, no matter what the record, but especially if you’re losing.

    That being said, there is no scenario where Mike Glennon gives you a better chance of winning.

    This is clearer the Jaguars brass thinking that they have a shot at Trevor Lawrence.

  6. I think Gardener Minshew will be a fine longtime, journeyman in this league… a poor man’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is never going to be a franchise QB, and talk of him as such has always been ridiculous…

    That being said…

    There is absolutely, positively NO good reason to bench him in favor for a longtime veteran EMERGENCY QB, with absolutely no upside at all… other than to completely tank an already lost season.

  7. Well, I mean, if you’re going to tank, you may as well go all-in. Good luck out-losing the Jets, though.

  8. Coming into the season with Minshew as THE guy in the QB room is one of the worst plans I’ve seen in recent memory. I get that he had moments and showed potential and people liked him but they made him the undisputed starter by removing anything resembling real competition and now it’s coming back to bite them.

  9. It’s not Minshew’s fault. In fact, he could be the only reason that offense can do anything. A guy can only do so much with one of the worst offensive lines in the league. It’s not Minshew’s fault. It’s Marrone’s and Caldwell’s (GM) fault. It’s hard to be competitive with a JV roster.

  10. I can’t believe noone had mentioned the fact that Minshew did well in the last offensive system. No blame for Gruden?

  11. How many points has Minshew given up on defense this season? Todd Wash might have an idea.

  12. Benched for Glennon? Where have I heard that before? Does that instantly make Minshew a martyr now?

  13. Thats why I thought Jax would get Antonio Brown. Minshew needs more experienced players to outscore the opponent. The Defense is terrible …

  14. I thought he was league MVP after game 1.

    He is just a younger Mike Glennon.

    Lateral move really.

  15. This is another team with a huge ownership problem. Marrone shouldn’t even be employed. This is similar to the Jets and Washington. Dallas is trending in that direction too. Owners can’t get out of their own way, for the good of the team. Minshew is a great young QB, and Glennon is a decent QB, too. Glennon has never been given a legit shot at holding down a job. Minshew has already shown he’s a big leaguer. Not much good has happened in Jacksonville since Marrone blew the championship game against New England. It has deteriorated quickly, and the owner has proven to be a very poor decision maker. Trevor Lawrence should put all these bad owners on notice that he’ll be choosy. That he’s not interested in playing for a bad owner. Force them to trade his rights away

  16. Playing Glennon is completely worthless, you get nothing out of it. But if you keep Minshew in there, you get a chance to see if he can fight his way out of a slump. So it would be stupid to make that change.

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