Jon Bostic ejected after injuring Andy Dalton on vicious helmet-to-helmet hit


Washington linebacker Jon Bostic was ejected after a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Andy Dalton, who was sliding after a quarterback scramble.

The illegal hit sent Dalton’s helmet flying and left the Cowboys quarterback sprawled on the turf.

Dalton was helped off the field and mouthed, “I feel OK” as he was escorted to the locker room.

Even Washington cornerback Kendall Fuller placed his hands on his head after Bostic lowered his head to take out Dalton as Dalton was giving himself up.

The cart initially came out for Dalton, but he walked to the locker room.

Rookie Ben DiNucci, a seventh-round pick, made his NFL debut and completed his first pass for 32 yards to Amari Cooper before taking two sacks to end the drive.

The Cowboys lost starting quarterback Dak Prescott for the season two games ago when Prescott’s ankle got caught underneath him on a scramble. He required immediate surgery for a compound fracture and dislocation.

Washington, which opened the season with eight sacks in a win over the Eagles, has five sacks and seven quarterback hits today against an offensive line missing four starters.

19 responses to “Jon Bostic ejected after injuring Andy Dalton on vicious helmet-to-helmet hit

  1. What a dirty and completely inexcusable hit. There was need for it. Dalton gave himself up short of the first down marker. It would have been 4th down. I hope Andy Dalton is okay.

  2. Those who are saying it was shoulder to helmet need to learn the rules. When a QB slides, you cannot hit him, he is considered “giving himself up”.

  3. First off, I can’t stand the Cowboys, so I have no horse in the race. This was a cheap, dirty, intentional and BS hit. Bostic needs to be suspended for at LEAST 2 games. If “Riverboat Ron” had any stones, he would cut this clown.

  4. That Bostic to Dalton hit reminded me of the Vontez Burfict shoulder to head hit on Antonio Brown. Problem with this hit today was that Dalton had given himself up. There’s a great Youtube video of Bostic blowing up Teddy Bridgewater in college. That man knows how to hit hard.

  5. Very dangerous for a QB sliding when a defender comes in low like that. It doesn’t matter if it is helmet to helmet or not because the injury risk isn’t just from the initial hit. The body position during the slide leads to the QB’s head getting whipped into the ground violently even if he’s hit in the chest or shoulders. Those are scary hits, hope Dalton is OK.

  6. No Cowboy lineman or players went out to protect or go after Bostic. If someone goes after your QB you need to stand tall and gave a little mask to mask chat.
    Where is the famous Cowboy pride? Who is stepping up when the team is so bad? That’s easy. Nobody.

  7. I didn’t see it live and I had to go back and look at it. It’s definitely worth a penalty and ejection. It’s definitely outside the rules. That said, I don’t think it was as blatantly intentional as some think. It was a bang bang play, though Bostick has to know better than to target a quarterback even if he thought he technically wasn’t sliding (or couldn’t process that he had started sliding).. He has to know that can happen. I would say it’s an ejection and possible a one game suspension is in order.

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