Justin Herbert has big game as Chargers top Jaguars

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Justin Herbert continues to look like the right franchise quarterback from the Chargers.

Herbert turned in another big game today, throwing for 347 yards and three touchdowns, and also leading the team in rushing and scoring a rushing touchdown, as the Chargers beat the Jaguars 39-29.

Herbert’s favorite receiver was Keenan Allen, who had 10 catches for 125 yards, but Herbert spread the ball around to eight receivers in all and appeared to be in total command of the offense. The Chargers have the young quarterback they need.

The Jaguars may not have the rookie quarterback they need, although Gardner Minshew played well enough not to get benched, as he was reportedly in danger of being. Minshew isn’t the same kind of young talent as Herbert, but he’s a serviceable enough player that the Jaguars ought to keep him in the starting lineup.

Jacksonville also has a promising young player in running back James Robinson, an undrafted rookie from Illinois State who continues to show that you don’t have to draft a running back to find a good one. Robinson topped 100 rushing yards and helped the Jaguars stay in the game.

In the end, however, the Chargers were simply a better team. They improved to 2-4, while the Jaguars fell to 1-6.

19 responses to “Justin Herbert has big game as Chargers top Jaguars

  1. Justin Herbert has looked great in the games he’s started in great arm. Great mobility,athleticism and understand of the game. The future is bright for Justin Herbert.

  2. I guess we will find out soon about Tua but so far this guy has really impressed. Doesnt seem to get rattled at all..

  3. Big football fan here. I didn’t see it at Oregon. He threw alot of screens etc. But Herbert has looked unbelievable.
    Good stuff I’m rooting for him

  4. He doesn’t look like a rookie, good player. I only watched one of his games in college and it was his last game when he was MVP of the Rose Bowl. I thought he looked good then but he looks even better as a pro.

  5. The thing that’s tricky is he’s started five games and notched his first win against a bad team. However, against the Chiefs he threw more than 300 yards – while his team blew a 17-6 lead – giving up a Mahomes’ run on 3rd and 20 with less than a minute left that allowed KC to tie – and win in OT on a 58-yard FG. Against Carolina, he threw 330 yards but lost, 21-16. Against the Bucs, he threw 369 yards – but his team blew a 24-7 lead as Brady stormed back with a 38-31 win. Against the Saints on MNF – he threw 4 TDs and pushed Brees to OT, but his team blew a 20-3 lead and fell again, 30-27. Mahomes, Brady and Brees, not shabby. Herbert is super tall and cerebral, can hit bombs and thread the needle like Rivers. But unlike Rivers – he can also roll out and throw on the run, escape rushers – and was the team’s leading rusher today. He’s still unproven as he over throws receivers or fires the ball too hard and is too green to read defenses or change plays at the line like the best QBs. The team gave up on Rivers because of a bad OL and no mobility, a requirement today. They STILL have a bad OL and can’t run consistently. They have good pass rushers, but play too loose and get sliced on short passes by Mahomes, Brees and Brady. Still pleasantly surprised the last place Chargers have kept games close against some very good teams so far.

  6. This Hebert can ball with the best. Sure they lost games but they were all competitive. Not bad for a rookie who got shoved in the role quickly. I think he has very good football IQ. I like him and Mahomes. Just watched the Cardinals and Seahawks. That Kyler kid is not bad either. They could have won that game several times over. So the future of football is bright and exciting still when the GOAT retires.

  7. He has been a joy to watch. So poised and calm in the pocket and can run and scramble. Stron arm, accuracy, athleticism, and pocket presence. Full package. Even though he has two first names, he’s good!

  8. maxamili says:
    October 25, 2020 at 8:53 pm
    Big football fan here. I didn’t see it at Oregon. He threw alot of screens etc. But Herbert has looked unbelievable.
    Good stuff I’m rooting for him
    Same here. Somehow (coaching??) he looks much better in the NFL than he did at Oregon. MUCH better.

  9. I’m getting a sick feeling in my stomach. I wanted the Dolphins to select Herbert over Tua because of Tua’s injury history. Herbert looks very confident and comfortable. If Tua doesn’t play as well as Herbert, Chris Grier’s (Miami GM) draft is going to be viewed as a failure despite him drafting some solid, promising players. It makes me think it’s a good thing they are throwing Tua out there early because they will have more snaps to evaluate him. Enjoy Chargers fans, looks like you’ve got a keeper.

  10. The best part about Herbert is his humility, the rap against him pre-draft was that he was an ‘introvert’ and ‘lacked leadership skills’ -the reality is he lets his play talk and he’s a good, humble team mate. Also, he is smart-won the William V Campbell award, aka the academic Heisman- he had a 4.01 GPA as a biology major. I am very impressed -wish my hapless Bears would get a QB like Herbert unlike the Trubisky debacle

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