Report: Early indications on Odell Beckham’s knee not good

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Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham will be headed for tests on his injured knee on Monday.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski said after the 37-34 win over the Bengals that Beckham will go for an MRI as doctors evaluate the extent of the damage to his knee. There was no discussion about any initial diagnosis, but Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that early indications are that he suffered a major injury.

Beckham was injured while trying to make a tackle after an interception. He did not have a catch before exiting the game.

Beckham did not miss a game for the Browns last season, but it appears that the best case scenario is that he’s just out for most of the rest of this season.

15 responses to “Report: Early indications on Odell Beckham’s knee not good

  1. Sad to say, but I think the Browns are better off without him. They had other guys making plays today when they needed them. OBJ is the type that would have pouted after their comeback win today if he didn’t catch 11 passes. Sometimes its a simple case of addition by subtraction.

  2. Said for him. I don’t think Browns will miss him. What has any team ever done with Odell?

  3. Maybe we can all move on from this clown now. Literally no one will miss him in the NFL when he’s gone. Possibly the worst team player of all time.

  4. Crap there goes any trade value the babbling lunatic might have had . Baker looked better without him out there jabbering in his ear .

  5. Browns and Baker looked exactly like they did in 2018 with Beckham out of the lineup. I mean Baker was near perfect after that with a five touchdown game all to backup players that are Normally riding the bench.

    Definitely might be time for Stefanski to re-think the Browns starting lineup because we might be learning John Dorsey broke the team last season by moving away from what made them good in 2018.

  6. OBJ’s injury which looks like might have him out for the rest of the season, is on Baker where again he got picked on his very first pass of the game. At least this one wasn’t run back for a TD like the one last week against Pittsburgh, but OBJ trying to prevent that from happening is why he hurt his knee and is probably out for the season according to early reports.

  7. This guy has done nothing on the field except rant and complain he is argumentative and disruptive to players and coaches. I feel bad that he was hurt but the team has to move forward, maybe Mayfield will unshackle himself this misery

  8. All those hoping Mayfield will take off now that OBJ is out may want to look at who he was playing. Over his career vs Bengals Mayfield is an All-Pro. Against everyone else? Average at best.

  9. so glad the drama is gone. Browns would win and all the talk would be about is Odell happy with his 4 receptions? Browns will be better off.

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