Report: Falcons won’t trade Matt Ryan, Julio Jones

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The Falcons’ decision to fire head coach Dan Quinn and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff this month has led some to wonder how many other changes might be coming to Atlanta this year.

The trade market is one area that has drawn some attention. The Falcons could get a jump on any offseason roster upheaval by moving players before the November 3 deadline, but two big names are reportedly not going to be on the block.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is not contemplating trades involving quarterback Matt Ryan or wide receiver Julio Jones. Falcons owner Arthur Blank stopped short of committing to a future with Ryan after the firings, but there are major cap implications to any trade involving the team’s longtime starter.

Moving Jones would have less imposing consequences, but they’d still take a big hit. There’s no guarantees on what might happen once a new G.M. is in place, but it seems the two stars will stay put for now.

7 responses to “Report: Falcons won’t trade Matt Ryan, Julio Jones

  1. Thank God. Now we can count on another season saved from the total embarrassment of getting a top 3 draft pick when the team surges late and ends up with 7 wins.

  2. There are several teams with big salary cap problems–the Falcons are right up there with Dallas and the Rams. The Falcons have four contracts which are a big problem: Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, Grady Jarrett and Jake Matthews. Those four have a combined dead money hit of nearly $180M (and a whopping $116M cap hit). Let that sink in. It gets a little better next year when that number drops to only ~$121M (with a cap hit of less than $20M).

    Speaking of 2021…all four of those mentioned above have cap numbers north of $20M and a combined total of ~$104M. If you add in Deion Jones ($12.6M) and Dante Fowler Jr ($18.7M) you’re talking ~$135M tied up in six players. Even if they were to cut all six of those guys (not going to happen) they’d only take a cap hit of ~$14M. They’d probably have to cut Ricardo Allen too (save $6.25M).

    They aren’t going to be able to do enough next year to alleviate their cap problems so they’ll undoubtedly have to kick the can down the road a few more years. I wouldn’t look for the Falcons be to competitive again for at least five years.

    This is a prime example of a team mismanaging the cap by not taking into any account the future of the team. That’s OK if you plan to win now and pay for it later but they didn’t even win….they choked. Now they are choking on the salary cap.

  3. Our society is quick to understand the value of a player who steps it up in the crunch and might not put up the best regular season stats, but for some reason cannot fathom the reverse, a choke artist who dominates when the pressure is low and puts up amazing regular season stats and heroic wins once expectations are low, but cannot deliver as they rise. This second type of players is what the Falcons are built around, starting with Ryan and Jones. Its amazing that the Falcons have guaranteed so much money to players with negative value. They ruin their most promising seasons when expectations are high. Then once they are out of contention they turn it around and dominate and keep their jobs. In a low expecation season they may make the playoffs, but end it with a choke job. Ultimately you never win it all, deal with crushing blow after crushing blow, but also never get a very high draft pick because once they are eliminated they become unstoppable. Ultimately a player who performs worse when it matters is the worst cap value, because you pay for their average performance, you get draft picks for their average performance, but your goals are contingent upon their performance in key situations, so you get punished triply with bad draft picks, high contract price, and losses when it really counts.

  4. Granted Julio may be the best wr in the league, Ryan is above-average, but what have they done with those guys aside from blowing a 28-3 SB lead? Now is the time for a complete tear down. Trade em for a haul of picks. The new GM and HC may insist upon it.

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