Ron Rivera apologized to Mike McCarthy for Jon Bostic’s hit on Andy Dalton

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Sunday’s latest installment of the Dallas-Washington rivalry included a blatantly illegal hit from Washington linebacker Jon Bostic on Cowboys quarterback Andy Dalton. Bostic was ejected, and coach Ron Rivera wasn’t happy with Bostic.

“I told him, Jon, you’re a veteran guy, you should know better,” Rivera told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 25-3 win. “I didn’t see it and I was really kind of asking everyone what happened. They said, ‘He hit him, Coach.’ And then when he got ejected, that really surprised me.”

Rivera sought out Dallas coach Mike McCarthy after the game ended.

“I went up to him and apologized to him for it,” Rivera said of McCarthy. “I wanted him to know that we don’t play that way, and it’s unfortunate that it happened.”

The Cowboys are now down to Ben DiNucci at quarterback, with Garrett Gilbert as the next option.

Dallas nevertheless remains a half game behind the Eagles for first place in the NFC East. Somehow.

14 responses to “Ron Rivera apologized to Mike McCarthy for Jon Bostic’s hit on Andy Dalton

  1. It was a bush league move and I hope the league drops the hammer on him. And the cowboys players looking around not defending their teammate were pathetic.

  2. Bostic you are gonna cringe when you open thatSpecial Delivery Fed Ex Envelope from Goodell this week!

  3. In less than half a season McCarthy has done the impossible. Made me miss having Jason as the head coach. At least with the clapper the team had heart and played hard until they all saw the writing on the wall last year. Hopefully Jerry doesn’t keep Mike around for 10 years. He isn’t the answer.

  4. Gregg Williams is lobbying the Jets to trade a first-rounder for Jon Bostic – that’s his kind of player

  5. Bostic started his move toward Dalton before he began his slide – I’m sure he thought he was going to keep running to get the 1st down – in which case this would have been a textbook tack at the waist. But instead Dalton slid, Bostic hits him in the head and Twitter goes nuts calling this the dirtiest play ever.


  6. If memory serves, Jimmy Johnson went
    1-13 his first year, and it took him two
    or three years to clean house and get
    the players he needed to play his style
    of football. Of course, that was when
    500 Jones was so busy building the
    brand, making licensing deals and in
    fighting with the NFL Council to interfere
    on the field. Then 500 Jones’ A got too
    big for his head and blew up a coach
    and team well on its way to becoming
    the Belichick and Pats of the ’90s.

    The current problem is that the Cowboys
    have an owner and too many players
    who are too busy trying to Monday
    morning coach and micro manage
    the team to take care of their own dam
    business. Run on first down, throw
    on second and third, rinse and repeat.
    Is there a less imaginative OC in football,
    including Pop Warner, than Kellen Moore?

    Moore already got one HC fired, now he’s
    trying for two, and 500 Jones is the leader
    of this dysfunctional band. Get rid of 500
    Jones and his latest pet Moore, then God
    help these players come trading time.

  7. It could have been worse Cowboy Nation, Jerry could have brought Chan Gailey (I will not have Randy Moss on my team) back from exile!

  8. Bostic did us a favor. Not saying DiNucci is good but I would rather watch a young quarterback than whatever Dalton was doing the last two weeks

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