Todd Gurley’s touchdown mistake sets up Lions win over Falcons

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Usually, scoring a touchdown is a good thing. It was a very bad thing for Falcons running back Todd Gurley today.

With the Falcons just needing to run out the clock and win with a chip-shot field goal, Gurley was given a handoff and was supposed to go down at the 1-yard line. But his momentum carried him into the end zone for a touchdown that gave the Falcons the lead but forced them to kick it back to the Lions.

That was a huge mistake. The Lions marched down the field and Matthew Stafford threw a touchdown pass as time expired. The Lions got a 15-yard penalty after the touchdown, but Matt Prater‘s extra-long extra point was good, and the Lions won 23-22.

It was the second high-profile touchdown mistake this weekend, as Penn State lost to Indiana on Saturday under similar circumstances, with Penn State’s running back scoring a touchdown when he was supposed to go down at the 1-yard line, and Indiana coming back to win.

The loss drops the Falcons to 1-6, and they have no realistic path to the playoffs. The Lions are now 3-3 and surprisingly in the hunt.

24 responses to “Todd Gurley’s touchdown mistake sets up Lions win over Falcons

  1. Same thing happened yesterday in the Penn State game. If Penn State RV wouldn’t have scored the touchdown when the defense allowed it. Penn State would have won.

  2. Atlanta is the most classless team in the league Absolutely disgusting they got exactly what they deserve

  3. I see why some people will say Gurley is responsible for that loss, but I place the blame on that defense. They had a 6 pt lead at home with less than 30 seconds to play against the Lions, who are not exactly an NFL powerhouse. All you have to do is keep them out of the end zone b/c a FG won’t win or tie the game. Stafford’s bomb to set up the game winning score was a beautiful throw but I don’t know the secondary let him catch that pass. And the TE was wide open on the game winning throw. That loss in on the defense.

  4. he mat be old byt stafford is still a beast esp in final 2 min with the ball.. thanks todd!!

  5. Meanwhile my disgust for the Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn has been put on the back burner as the fan is foolishly starting to care again. smh

  6. Funny thing is that Gurley has successfully executed that “go down before the goal line” three times before.

    He did it in 2015 in his first ever start against the Cardinals and twice in 2018 against the Packers and Lions.

  7. After watching the last several minutes of that game I couldn’t help but think Stafford would be an absolute nightmare to deal with if he actually played for a GOOD organization with a couple of playmakers to help him. Imagine of her were in Cleveland throwing to Beckham and Landry and handing the ball of to Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.

  8. But Gurley needed that TD to pad his stats for when he’s a free agent again this winter.

  9. one_true_Morty, I have to disagree the Vikings are without a doubt the most classless and clueless organization in all of the world history of sports. I should know I been a faithful fan for over 40 years

  10. It all goes back to 28-3, and the curse cannot be lifted until every single player from the horrible loss is finally off the roster

  11. Found a way for the Lions to win……pulled for them for 60 years to win. That didn’t work. Now I pull for them to lose to get rid Patricia/ Quinn to get fired. Now they win…….2 in a row!

  12. So why didn’t the coaching staff call for a Matty Ryan kneel down and then game winning FG?

  13. lionsrule says:
    October 25, 2020 at 4:31 pm
    he mat be old byt stafford is still a beast esp in final 2 min with the ball.. thanks todd!!


    I guess you forgot about those three consecutive last minute playoff game loses that Stafford is directly responsible for….LoLions!!!!

    Stafford is 0-3 in the playoffs and been on the Lions since 2009, it’s time for the Lions to move on not believe in a guy with a broken back on top of multiple turnovers in critical situations.

  14. The only way the Lions can win. Patricia is such a disaster and has no clue what he’s doing. This is only delaying the inevitable and the Lions have been bad since 1957, really BAD.

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