Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown will be at “pretty much ground zero” with Tampa Bay offense

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When receiver Antonio Brown officially joins the Buccaneers after Week Eight, he’ll be starting from square one when it comes to learning the offense.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, coach Bruce Arians was asked whether Brown’s experience with Arians in Pittsburgh will translate to Tampa Bay.

“I think some route concepts and things like that, but when I left they changed the terminology in Pittsburgh for all those years he played, so it’ll be pretty much ground zero with him other than the route tree, how we run routes and things like that,” Arians said. “It’ll be a big adjustment for him, but we’ll get him up to speed.”

Before getting him up to speed, Arians and the Buccaneers had to get Brown in the door. Arians elaborated to Peter King of Football Morning in America regarding the steps that resulted in the signing of Brown.

“I know everybody wants to say Tom Brady lobbied us to get this done,” Arians said. “Tom Brady lobbied me back in, gosh, June, July, August. I said no. It didn’t fit then. Now, we’re in the hunt. I owe it to the rest of my players — if there’s a guy that fits our salary cap cheap, who’s a Pro Bowl-type player, let’s bring him on our squad. Who says he has to start? I mean, we just got another Pro Bowl player to put in if one of those guys go down. A.B. brings another dynamic to our team that we don’t have. I owe it to the rest of our players to put the best team out there possible. I don’t foresee any problems. I don’t anticipate any situation where he and I are gonna have a problem. He knows that if there is, it’s a very short-lived contract.”

Brown may agree to a backup role in order to get a job, believing that the team will eventually realize that he deserves a bigger role. If he doesn’t, what happens?

“This move wasn’t made without me talking to every single one of our veteran players,” Arians told King. “Do you want this guy? Do you want this guy in our locker room? Every man said yes.”

Some would say every man said yes because they knew Brady wanted Brown, and they suspected that it would get back to Brady if they said no.

Regardless, the Buccaneers now have Brown. It remains to be seen whether he makes it through the season, or even through the month.

9 responses to “Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown will be at “pretty much ground zero” with Tampa Bay offense

  1. It is very clear that Bruce absolutely does not want Brown on the team. Vegas should set some odds on who is with the team next year, Bruce or Brown?

    Personally, I’d take neither.

  2. The Bucs have sold their sole to Tom Brady. What ever Tom wants, Tom gets. It’s that simple. Tom wanted Rob and Brown and now he has both. Rob is starting to contribute. Brown could be very different. Brown is one tick away from an explosion. Will he mesh with the other receivers? The Bucs have already very capable receivers. Will Brown be happy in a limited roll? Those are questions yet to be answered.

    Signing Brown to me is a big gamble. Personally, I wouldn’t have signed Antonio Brown. Since the Bucs signed Brown, I would hold Brady responsible for Brown and his conduct and learning the playbook.

  3. BA has to add Tom Brady in EVERY comment about AB..making sure everyone knows Tom didnt have anything to do with him coming there. But everyone knows Tom did. Why does he feel the need to flex his coaching power. I see a huge power struggle with Bruce losing it.

  4. We can be sure Brown will behave for one reason and one reason only: he has zero leverage. There’s no signing bonus to lose. He’s getting paid by the week. If he acts up after three weeks, Tampa cuts him and spent nothing but his weekly salary.

    Plus remember, with the talent the Bucs have, he’s not a necessity, he’s a luxury. When Godwin and Evans get back to 100%, Brown will have to work hard just to get reps. He’ll be easy to cut at that point.

    Plus, Brady just has an effect on players. Remember how childish Randy Moss was before he came to the Patriots in 2007? I think Brown will behave fine.

  5. BA says Brady didn’t call the shots. Maybe it’s actually true, despite the cynical assumption of nearly everybody that he’s lying and that Tom Brady is some master manipulator.

    In the end, who cares how the decision was made? AB will show up and he’ll either contribute or he won’t. Brady is a perfectionist. If AB is making the team worse, not better, Brady’s not going to shove the problem off onto Arians. He will make every effort to straighten AB out himself. He has a long history of recognizing and talking to every person on the team, offense, defense, special teams and practice squad. And from their interviews, it’s clear the receivers went from being in awe of Brady to being regular teammates many weeks ago. If the other receivers have a problem with AB, they have no reason not to talk to Brady about it and we have no reason to think they won’t.

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