Doug Marrone knows his firing “can happen” with way Jaguars are playing

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Doug Marrone remains the Jaguars’ head coach, but only owner Shad Khan knows for how much longer.

The Jaguars have lost six in a row, tying an NFL record by allowing at least 30 points for a sixth consecutive game.

If Khan was going to fire Marrone during the season, Monday seemed the day to do it with Jacksonville heading into its bye week. Khan didn’t.

“I think that any time you’re losing like this, and you’re not performing well on Sundays, I think it’s naive [to think it can’t happen]. It can happen,” Marrone said Monday, via Mark Long of the Associated Press. “I just work and do the best job I can for the coaches and players.

“That’s just what this game is. Work as hard as you possibly can, and at the end of the day, you have to hold your head up high knowing that you did everything you possibly could to try to win games while at the same time know that you did your best for the coaches and the players.”

Marrone, who kept his job after rumors of his firing following a 6-10 season in 2019, is 25-35, including the postseason, since taking over during the 2016 season. It seems like forever ago that the Jaguars were one game from the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville has lost 12 of its past 15 games, with 10 of the losses by double digits.

“I can tell you this: We all feel bad,” Marrone said. “The one thing you know, that’s out there on the field, is that they are playing as hard as they can. We’re just not making the plays we need to make. That’s on all of us. That starts with me.”

9 responses to “Doug Marrone knows his firing “can happen” with way Jaguars are playing

  1. I was shocked that Marrone was brought back for the 2020 season. They were 6-10 and didn’t have any impressive wins. There was also disfunction in the locker room which resulted in the best players wanting out.

    What are you waiting for? I think Khan is rooting for the Jets to win, so he can rebuild around the top QB in the draft. It’s probably the only way the Jags attract a good HC…

  2. He should have been fired right after saying he wasn’t going to fire Wash as defensive coordinator and I’m not talking about when he said it this year. Dude has no clue what he’s doing refuses to get anyone different on the online because he has to prove he’s a online guru.

  3. The Jags should be an attractive job for a new HC and GM. They have tons of cap space and draft picks. Their owner seems to be hands off on the football side, he’ll spend cash and is very patient, maybe too patient.

  4. The one thing the Jaguars did not consider when drafting players was character. Look at the picks- Yannik Ngakoue, Telvin Smith, Jalen Ramsey, Blake Bortles, Ronnie Harrison Leonard Fournette, Dante Fowler, TJ Yeldon, Allen Robinson, Luke Joekel, Justin Blackmon, Derrek Harvey- all guys that should be cornerstones of the franchise that either flamed out because of character issues, demanded out because of selfish contract wants, drugged out, or flat out didn’t have the mental effort required to play ball.

    With a cancerous ‘me-first’ locker room, the only thing Doug Marrone could do was purge the roster and see what floated to the top. Not much. Fire him? Would a top tier coach, with choices like Atlanta, New York, and Houston (and whatever other city has a vacancy at year’s end) who in the WORLD would choose JAX? Horrible roster, hard to attract free agents, stuck with Caldwell as GM, best you have to offer is you get to be the mayor of Stuckyville. Hard pass. Marrone stays because no one wants it. Period

  5. Shad Con doesn’t care about winning. If he did Marrone and the GM would have been fired last year. Minshew isn’t the problem. The problem is the utter lack of talent on the Jags sidelines. I bet they only have a handful of guys who would be in the two-deep of about half of the teams in the NFL. That’s what happens when you hire incompetent people.

    However, they did do a good job getting Minshew in the sixth round and signing their UFA RB Robinson. That guy looks like a bellcow RB.

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