Kliff Kingsbury: High school coaches will show DK Metcalf play for years

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The Seahawks wound up losing Sunday night’s game to the Cardinals in overtime, but it may have been over before the extra session if not for DK Metcalf refusing to give up on a play.

Cardinals safety Budda Baker picked off a Russell Wilson pass on the Cardinals’ 2-yard-line in the second quarter and appeared to be on his way to a 98-yard touchdown return. He didn’t make it to the end zone because Metcalf chased him down at the 8-yard-line and the Cardinals failed to score any points on the ensuing possession after three runs and an incomplete pass.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll called it “one of the best football plays I’ve ever seen” and Metcalf’s teammates also showered him with praise for his effort. Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury joined the chorus and said he was convinced Baker would score before he noticed Metcalf.

“Until that huge stallion of a human came galloping out of nowhere,” Kingsbury said, via the Seahawks website. “Phenomenal anticipation by (Baker). DK Metcalf is an absolutely freak athlete, and what an effort play by him. High school coaches will be showing that one for years—just don’t give up on a play.”

According to NextGen stats, Baker hit 21.27 miles per hour on the return. Metcalf throttled up to 22.64 miles per hour, which is why Baker was left to say that it was “the first time I’ve ever been hawked in my entire life” when recounting the play after the game.

14 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury: High school coaches will show DK Metcalf play for years

  1. Maybe the cowboys coaches need to leave that video on loop every day during practice cause they soft with no heart

  2. That play was spectacular. Terrible throw by Russell, amazing read and interception by Baker, absolutely amazing chase down by Metcalf. Kingsbury should have absolutely taken the 3 points though.

  3. Probably another play, or plays, that will be shown this week to NFL and other teams is, with no time outs, Larry Fitzgerald taking the ball from the carrier and hurriedly giving the ball to the official so the ball can be set/snapped as soon as possible. Other players may have previously done this, but one gets the impression from articles this was unique.
    Expect college and NFL teams in similar situations to do what Larry did.
    (similarly, a few years ago, Seattle and NE seemed to be the only NFL teams whose ball carriers tended to immediately give the ball to an official, rather than just dropping the ball; the following season, most, if not all, of the NFL seemed to do the same — among other things, immediately giving the ball to an official facilitates a hurry-up play; situations may dictate alternatives to handing the ball to an official)

  4. Freakish athlete, but the most impressive part was his desire, heart, etc. You can’t teach that. You either have it or you don’t.

  5. All too often, WR’s are seen as high maintenance, and self serving, this kid just continues to impress every week. Even in a game where he wasn’t the #1 WR on his own team in terms of catches, yards and TD’s, he still found a way to find the motivation ( or maybe channelled his frustration ) to chase down a 4.4 40 runner in Baker, who has been great all year, and make a sensational tackle.

    While I mention the tackle as well, I mean there are defenders on his own team who cant tackle as well as he did, great job all round.

    Crazy game, gutted the Hawks lost, they lost a little something when Carson went off I feel, but kudos to the red birds, they just never gave up, well deserved.

  6. I like how DK plays (other than getting stripped before scoring 3 weeks ago). I see many teams treat turnovers lackadaiically and give up or make half hearted tries. Not this guy. He understood every point is important and that kept his team in the lead.

    I am VERY IMPRESSED with DKs speed. 10.69 seconds for 100 m is the fastest in the world. That is 23.04 MPH. At 22.69 MPH he’s within 1.5 % of that. I am not saying he’s a world-class sprinter, but the man is FAST!

  7. “VisionTim says:

    October 26, 2020 at 2:02 pm

    He is a beast and when he starts slowing down can easily slide into a TE role.”

    Or Safety a la Kam Chancelor.

  8. Interceptions at the goal line may be the Albatross around Wilson’s neck….I know of at least three times that he has been intercepted on the door step of the goal line.

  9. Equally impressive was Budda’s follow up tweet: DK Hawked my ass ~ #Respect

    Maybe more players might consider complementing their competitors once in a while? It’s a nice vibe!

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