Kyler Murray on pace for QB record 16 rushing touchdowns

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray scored his seventh rushing touchdown on Sunday night in the Cardinals’ seventh game, keeping him on a pace unequaled by any quarterback in NFL history.

If Murray keeps it up, he’ll finish the season with 16 rushing touchdowns in 16 games, which would be a new NFL record for a quarterback.

The current record is 14 rushing touchdowns, which was set by Cam Newton in 2011. Murray needs eight rushing touchdowns in nine remaining games to break that record.

There’s little reason to think teams are going to be able to stop Murray from getting into the end zone. He’s scored in every game this year but one (Week Four against the Panthers), and in Week Two he scored twice.

8 responses to “Kyler Murray on pace for QB record 16 rushing touchdowns

  1. I’m sure Russell isn’t very happy. He was the darling of the game…until he was outplayed by Kyler Murray.

  2. Will that be record be worth a shortened career? He’s quick, and fun to watch but my guess is he won’t make it very long in the league playing like that.

    Of course with the softened league he may prevail with that style but it’s never been done before so there’s no reason to think it can be done now, over a long period of time.

  3. Wait! Running QBs are a thing again? I can’t keep up. Their in one week and out the next.

  4. Where are all those people who said drafting him was a mistake because he wasn’t tall enough. He looks plenty tall enough this year. Maybe he’s started wearing platform shoes.

  5. I have been a Cardinals fan since 1982 when they were in St. Louis. I remember when the sports media blasted The Cardinals and made ruining jokes about picking a QB in the first round two years in a row.
    Remember the 9 mistakes Josh Rosen guy? Yeah this is why I don’t take the sports media seriously.

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