Mike Tomlin: We talked about importance of minimizing Derrick Henry

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Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin called Titans running back Derrick Henry‘s athletic ability “really astounding” during a press conference last week and he knew that his team had to keep Henry from beating them if they were going to remain undefeated after facing Tennessee in Week 7.

Things got a bit dicey for the Steelers late in Sunday’s game and Henry scored a touchdown that cut Pittsburgh’s lead to three points in the fourth quarter, but Stephen Gostkowski missed a late field goal and the Steelers held on for a 27-24 victory. Henry had 20 carries for 75 yards overall, which was well below the 212 yards he had in Week 6 and the Steelers limited him to one yard or less on 10 of his touches in the game.

“We talked about the importance of minimizing him,” Tomlin said, via the team’s website. “And from that standpoint, it was similar, but we didn’t do anything that we don’t normally do. We played the defenses that we normally play. We just got to defeat blocks and make tackles and try to prevent him from falling forward. A tall task with a guy like him and particularly as we talked about from an attrition standpoint over the course of the game and you felt that. You felt him getting going, and that was troublesome. But that’s just the attributes that he brings. and they bring to play, so that’s why it was important that we got started early.”

Next weekend will bring another test of the Pittsburgh run defense as they’ll be in Baltimore for a matchup with a Ravens team that will be well rested coming off of their bye week.

7 responses to “Mike Tomlin: We talked about importance of minimizing Derrick Henry

  1. The best way to minimize Derrick Henry is to keep him off the field, which is what they did in the first half. The Titans defense gave up every effing third & long and couldn’t get off the field. So Henry didn’t have a chance to get going. And in the 2nd half, they were down too much to really keep going with the ground game.

    Henry was breaking off good runs though. Just didn’t really get the ball enough.

  2. It was going to be an uphill battle, anyway, but w/the Titans defense playing so poorly… I didn’t give them much of a chance. Everybody I talk football w/at work figured the Steelers would win, but I’m proud the Titans kept it close. The Steelers are more of a complete team than the Titans, and we all saw it yesterday.

  3. I am glad to see that the Steelers are happy with the win but not happy with their 2nd half performance. Credit Tennessee though, as not only did they fight their way back into the game but also doing it without going away from their game plan.

  4. And what a hit by Spillane! He got dinged up, but he put the hammer down when DH hit the hole. Now, DH didn’t go backward much, if at all, but he sure didn’t go any further than he was.

    41 will be a fan favorite for a long time with that kind of commitment. Well done, sir!

  5. Please Kevin colbert, I dont care what it takes 3rd and 4th and a player, whatever please, please call minnasota get kendriks from them. im telling you we can afford this and honestly going further ahead this could be the thing that pushes us to a super bowl. Yes after this year we probably couldnt keep him but hes a tackling turnover machine,. Things are only gonna get tougher he already a buck linebacker in a 3-4 so not much to learn besides verbage, for all things steelers make this happen kevin.

  6. Tomlin should have talked about the importance of maximizing the refs which is what led to that bogus intentional grounding against Tannehill. That cost Tennessee the win and gave the Steelers yet another undeserved victory during a season where they are barely squeaking by thanks to bias officiating.

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