Raiders face big fine, possible loss of draft pick

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The $350,000 fine imposed on the Titans for violating COVID-19 protocols constitutes either precedent or a warning shot. As more teams land in line for punishment, more will be learned about the league’s approach to pandemic jurisprudence.

The Raiders have become the next team to face sanctions.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Sunday that the Raiders will be “fined very heavily,” and that the amount will exceed the penalty imposed on the Titans. Per Glazer, the Raiders also face the loss of a draft pick. The difference flows from the fact that the Raiders aren’t regarded as a first-time offender, given past COVID-19 violations.

Beyond fines and other potential efforts to discipline the Raiders, the fact that the NFL required them to proceed on Sunday created a layer of competitive consequence, making it harder to win the game.

And the Raiders didn’t win the game. They lost, 45-20. They apparently will be losing more in the coming days.

12 responses to “Raiders face big fine, possible loss of draft pick

  1. Raiders are great at wasting draft picks, so this won’t be a big deal.

  2. I don’t know all the details but if they knowingly did things they weren’t supposed to do and have shown a continued defiance of the Covid-19 protocols then they deserve whatever they get. If Gruden is unhappy about playing without several players then maybe he’ll get the message. Actions have consequences.

    I think the NFL should make other teams play if it is found out they have not followed the protocols. Losing a game because some players ignored the measures will get the attention of the team and its players.

  3. Ouch, losing a draft pick will make the Mack trade sting even more. The Raiders had four 1st round picks across two drafts and now they lose one with no QB on the roster and a bottom 5 terrible defense.

  4. Looking like the Bears fleeced the Raiders with the Mack trade more and more every week…

  5. What it seems to be that it is easier to drop the hammer on the Raiders than say the Titans, who broke more protocols than any other team.

  6. The NFL will probably take away a 7th round draft pick. In other words,the pick taken away from them by the NFL won’t be too high. The fine will be pocket change too.

  7. Corky (joetoronto) thinks orange man bad! says:
    October 26, 2020 at 12:27 pm
    Raiders are great at wasting draft picks, so this won’t be a big deal.


    Seriously. If they’re not wasting their own draft picks, they’re trading them away to Pittsburgh for guys who either never play for them or can’t even make it through a whole season.

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