Report: Cowboys are making it known Everson Griffen is available

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The Cowboys have plenty of pass rushers. They’re willing to part ways with one of them.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Cowboys are making it known that defensive end Everson Griffen is available in trade.

Griffen has a $3 million salary and $3 million in per-game roster bonuses. This means that, with seven of 10 weeks completed, he’d be available for $1.76 million in salary and $187,500 for each game in which Griffen is on the active roster.

Griffen, a cornerstone for several years in Minnesota, has 2.5 sacks in seven games with the Cowboys.

Although the Cowboys are 2-5, they barely trail the Eagles for first place in the NFC East. This seems to be less about folding the tents and more about selling off an asset at a position where the Cowboys enjoy a surplus.

Griffen, an accomplished edge rusher and great leader, could help a contender like, say, the Seahawks, who would benefit from someone/anyone who can get to the quarterback.

45 responses to “Report: Cowboys are making it known Everson Griffen is available

  1. They would have never signed him had Goodell not extended the suspension of Randy Gregory for and additional 6 games for no reason.

  2. He will be a Buc. Everyone knows where to sign if you want a ring this year….it’s Tompa.

  3. As a Cowboys fan he’s been awful this season. That being said the Cowboys are never in position to rush the passer since teams can just run for 200+ yards all over us. I wouldn’t be surprised if a change of scenery helped Griffen.

  4. Injuries to Taco Charlton, Alex Okafor and Mike Dana left the KC Chiefs with 3 healthy DE this past week against Denver. A healthy, productive and reasonably priced veteran addition at this time just might be a good idea and an insurance policy for a deep playoff run.

  5. Bottom out boys so we can make a 15 year run and claim our rightful spot at the top of the mountain

  6. Seahawks could sign me and get more pass rush than they’ve had so far this year. Seeing as I’m not available, Schneider needs to go get Griffen.

  7. The anonymous player was a defensive lineman speaking on Jim Tomsula and the Cowboys know who it was. I don’t know who it was, but I do wonder if this is a sign.

  8. Rick Spielman should sign him back ASAP. Give up let’s say a second round pick.

    Then trade him for a third rounder.


  9. I’ll call the Chief’s. They have some injury’s and apparently have an unlimited amount of cap space.

  10. 2ruefan says:
    October 26, 2020 at 9:28 pm
    Why the down votes for Griffin back to Min? I don’t get it… They are decimated…

    Why? Because the Vikings are already in salary cap hell right now due to their brilliant GM giving Cousins a contract extension. The Vikings will soon be jettisoning some of their best players, not resigning veteran retreads. The Vikings are about to have 2 or 3 years as bottom feeders.

  11. When is McCarthy going on the trading block? Maybe they can get a quality control coach for him?

  12. Seattle would be a good landing spot for a “future draft pick” based on his performance. Nothing higher than a 5 though.

  13. Was a good player…2.5 sacks so far he might make 6.5..nothing to get excited about nor trade any picks for. Garduk for AZ has more sacks and more qb hits in a lot less plays

  14. Sure. This is a free agent who sat out there for months and no one, including the team that drafted him, showed an ounce of interest.

    Dallas makes a poor signing and realizes what everyone else did and now are asking the rest of the league, who already knew, to bail them out AND give them compensation?!

    There’s more wrong with this franchise than the injuries! Just saying!

  15. Viking Fan surely wants him back. Viking Fan appreciates and respects their ex-players more than anyone, and he’s available!

  16. Blackpool
    Completely inaccurate.
    They just signed three players yesterday.
    Griffins very low current contract would allow them to sign a veteran at a very affordable price – hence the suggestion.
    And you haven’t been watching if you think they are that bad. Two plays away from being 3-3.
    The issue is injuries on the defense which this signing would address.

  17. You can add Poe to this list. Both have been major disappointments against the run. The problems on defense start up front.

  18. Can all those who blamed Aaron Rodgers for Mike McCarthy getting fired re-think that now?
    Say what you will — but McCarthy’s team is criticizing their coaching staff and even bickering among themselves.
    Yes, he lost Dak Prescott and now Andy Dalton. But the Cowboys’ problems started before they lost those two men. Their defense has been horrible, which was one of the problems McCarthy had with the Packers too many times — bad defenses.
    We all know the real problem with the Cowboys starts and ends with Jerry Jones. But McCarthy has to take a hit here, too, doesn’t he?

  19. If he cant help a defense as awful as the Cowboys just why would another team want him.he should be a star defender on a defense filled with eight balls.

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