Russell Wilson: We played a great game except my three interceptions

Getty Images

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took the blame after his team lost its first game on Sunday night, saying his interceptions were the difference.

Wilson threw three interceptions — his most in one game since 2017 — as the Seahawks lost to the Cardinals, 37-34 in overtime.

“I thought we played a great game except for those three plays,” Wilson said, via “And those are my fault.”

Wilson said he’ll look in the mirror in assessing how the Seahawks can get better.

“We just didn’t do our job as a team and it starts with me,” Wilson said. “I look at me first and got to be better and I’m looking forward to being better.”

The 5-1 Seahawks remain the favorites to win the NFC West, but the 5-2 Cardinals are right behind them, and the 4-2 Rams and 4-3 49ers aren’t out of it either. The Seahawks are going to play some tough divisional games this season, and Wilson had a very tough one on Sunday night.