Sean McDermott calls beating Jets a “character win” for Bills

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After losing two straight games, the Bills came into Week 7 in need of a win to right the ship.

The winless Jets were on the other side of the field, so their chances of getting that victory looked good. It was hardly easy sledding for the AFC East leaders, however.

The Jets went up 10-0 in the first half and the Bills couldn’t find their way into the end zone all afternoon. They were able to keep getting in position for Tyler Bass field goal tries, though, and Bass hit 6-of-8 to lift the Bills to an 18-10 win.

It was the first time that the Bills won a game without scoring a touchdown since 2007 and head coach Sean McDermott focused on his team’s grit rather than any in-game failings when all was said and done.

“That was a character win,” McDermott said, via the Buffalo News. “A tough week, another short week. It will be good to be on a normal schedule this week. . . . When you play in the NFL, every week is like this. We got down early. We chipped away. Josh [Allen] did a good job of being patient and trusting the guys around him. We have to be able to convert. That’s another great lesson. We go back to the drawing board this week.”

The Bills will stay in the division this week for a matchup at home with a Patriots team that’s lost its last three games and finding the right path to another win should quiet any complaints about this week’s victory being less convincing than many assumed it would be.

10 responses to “Sean McDermott calls beating Jets a “character win” for Bills

  1. Yea, no. This was a team you should’ve beat by 40 points. The Jets winning would’ve been a character win, and it almost was.

    Your second team should’ve won this game easily.

    The team didn’t take this game seriously, which is the only thing I can think that happened. Josh Allen fumbled, again. The team was careless with the ball all day.

    You saved yourself being the answer to the Trivia question, who did the 1-15 jets beat? Something like 8 trips to the redzone with ZERO tds? This wasn’t a character win, this was a season saving fluke that you didn’t lose this game.

  2. A character win? Is that where you spot 10 points to the worst team in the NFL and still win? The Bills still have the Seahawks and Cardinals coming up. That should be where you look for the character win,

  3. A character win?
    The Jets are horrible and you barely beat them.
    Try playing that way against a good team and see what happens.

  4. Never thought I would imagine that the jets and Patriots would be fighting for Lawrence this year.

  5. What’s up with this Bill’s team? They don’t look anything like they were the past few years. They were strong defense and run the ball and now they can’t do either of those things. It’s nice to be in first place but if I’m a Bills fan I’m concerned.

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