Stephen Jones: I know Mike McCarthy’s the right guy for the job

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The Cowboys’ blowout loss in Week 6 was followed by criticism from anonymous players of head coach Mike McCarthy and the rest of the coaching staff that was decried on record by many members of the organization.

That show of unity didn’t lead to a better performance on the field against Washington. The Cowboys lost 25-3 to fall to 2-5 on the season, but neither the back-to-back routs nor the overall record have soured executive vice president Stephen Jones on McCarthy.

“I know we’ve got the right head guy for the job, and it’s a work in progress. . . . These things just take time,” Jones said. “I know our fans are frustrated. We certainly understand the criticism that’s come our way. But we’ve got to go to work. . . . It’s the first year with this group. You know Jerry and I are big believers in sticking with the staff. We’ve just got to give them their opportunity to work with these guys and continue to implement what they’re trying to get accomplished.”

Injurie to quarterback Dak Prescott and others obviously haven’t helped matters in Dallas, but there aren’t too many signs that things are moving in the right direction even when that’s taken into account. Jones said he expects the team to “evolve” over time and Sunday night’s game against the Eagles will be the next chance for McCarthy and company to show some positive evolution.

50 responses to “Stephen Jones: I know Mike McCarthy’s the right guy for the job

  1. I wonder how many coaches in the league could lose their ENTIRE starting offensive line and succeed?

  2. Bad, bad hire. Team is unprepared. Wrong D for personnel. Retread. Cowboys gonna be bad for a long time unless a coaching hire is made at season’s end. Hows about the terrific OC from KC.

  3. At least the Jones are consistent; all of their decisions and management of the organization has resulted in nothing but mediocrity after running Jimmy Johnson out of town 25 years ago. Might as well double down on McCarthy.

  4. There are a good number of other NFL teams with a long history of stinking (no need to mention names here). Why do the Cowboys think they are immune from joining that group?

  5. I think he deserves at least as long as Garrett got to turn things around.

    Somewhere Jason Garrett is doing a slow clap while thinking about the Dallas dumpster fire.

  6. As a WFT fan, good luck Dallas. I know when I see a team that’s given up and believe me, that team has given up.

  7. The Joneses haven’t won anything since the last century. Yet they think they’ve never made a wrong choice or decision.
    Jason Garrett was “the right man for the job” too. Until he wasn’t.

  8. Its funny Chris said what I was thinking. When I heard this offseason that Dalton was as good as Dak and they didn’t need to pay Dak I was laughing my butt off. Andy Dalton SUCKS.

  9. I thought he would be a good hire, but McCarthy does not have the look of being the right guy for the job. The team has zero leadership. Know how the Joneses operate, Mike can expect to be there for a decade regardless of wins and losses.

  10. There’s a difference between “work in progress that needs time” and incompetence and apathy. As a Vikings fan, I understand that concept all to well…

  11. Can the league force Jerry Jones to sell the team? It seems like the Cowboys problems go all the way to the top.

  12. I like or respect a lot of Cowboy players and I have no problem with McCarthy. But I sure enjoy watching Jerry Jones lose.

  13. How can a coach win with a team full of quitters? 7 games into the season and you can see the quit in a lot of these players. Get rid of the players who have quit. Even if you get less talented players, you need players who want to be there.

  14. Packers fan here. I think McCarthy should be allowed time to right the ship. One issue I had with him while in Green Bay was that he was loyal to a fault. We had a couple defensive coordinators and special teams coaches who were in their positions years too long. I feel as though he made a mistake with Nolan but he won’t admit it wasn’t the right choice.

  15. If not for Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy would be lucky to be coaching Pop-Warner ball. Jones is b ing PC, or 100% clueless.

  16. The problem with Jerrah and his sons is that they think they know as much about football as any other front office in the NFL. But it’s clear to everyone but them that they don’t.

  17. Translation for Cowboys fans: “We won’t be finishing over .500 again until we are smart enough to fire Mike and Mike.”

  18. IMHO, the Jones’ failure to pay Dak Prescott has hurt the Cowboys. What is the team supposed to think about their QB, if the team keeps on franchising him rather than give him a long-term contract.

    May be too late now.

  19. Dak’s leverage increases every week.

    Absolutely his value to Dallas goes up every week, certainly to Dallas, but he won’t be back. No way the Jones boys are signing him at $40M or whatever. Jerry will draft his next new QB and love his rookie contract. Thanks for the memories, Dak.

  20. “travishenry20 says:
    October 26, 2020 at 2:37 pm
    I wonder how many coaches in the league could lose their ENTIRE starting offensive line and succeed?”

    Yes they are injured but tell that to teams like eagles or niners. Eagles have lost all their wide receivers. Niners are working with practice squad secondary and their stud DE out and down to their fourth string RB.

    Cowboys were looking bad before Dak injury.
    Here’s the problem: Jones thinks he can put shiny toys on O side and ignore D. Meanwhile that excellent OL is become older and no longer staying healthy. I see a steep decline coming.

  21. Watched nearly every down this guy coached on the Packers sideline.

    I have my doubts he’s the right guy…. for ANY job.

  22. The Cowboys have lacked discipline and structure for years. I thought that McCarthy, an old school tough coach could bring that but I may be wrong. He deserves another, hopefully covid19 free, year to try. The antic of the players in the off season, including Dak’s covid19 spreader party should have given us all a clue that the “I do what I want, screw everyone and everything me me me” culture remains stubbornly strong in Cowboy Land. A team is more than a collection of talented individuals, a concept that eludes many of them. As a Cowboy hater, I hope the disfunction continues. As a football fan, I hope McCarthy suceeds.

  23. If McCarthy is the right guy for the job, then Jerry, Stephen and Will McClay are not the right guys for their job. They have no concept of building a championship roster. Even HOF coach Bill Parcells couldn’t win in that organization.

  24. McCarthy also told Jerry and Stephen that he watched video of every game the Cowboys played, and then after he got the job, he admitted he didn’t watch very much video of the Cowboys. The right guy.

  25. McCarthy is the right guy for the job if the goal is the #1 pick in the draft. Stephen Jones didn’t say what their goals were.

  26. It’s all about Dak not getting his big bucks contract and a white guy coming in to replace him. Team is tanking for Sale and McCarthy will bear the brunt of it.

  27. We’re going to get obliterated once again. Give me a realistic o/u for Jerry’s death day so I know when to tune back in.

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