Sunday Night Football: Cardinals knock off Seahawks in overtime thriller

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The Cardinals twice trailed by 13 points. They scored 10 points in the final 2:28 of regulation just to get to overtime.

They missed a game-winning field goal in overtime.

They then won it with a game-winning field goal in overtime.

It was an improbable 37-34 overtime victory for the Cardinals over the Seahawks. It was Seattle’s first loss after five victories to start the season. The Cardinals, who were 5-10-1 last season, moved to 5-2 with their third consecutive win.

Zane Gonzalez kicked a 44-yard field goal on the final play of the fourth quarter to send it to overtime. A 41-yarder was wide left with 2:42 remaining in overtime, which would have given the Cardinals the victory after Seattle punted on its first possession of overtime.

He got another chance with 20 seconds left in the extra period and nailed the 48-yarder.

It was the first time the Cardinals led.

The Seahawks thought they had the game won more than once, including in overtime when DK Metcalf scored on a 48-yard touchdown on third-and-10. But officials penalized receiver David Moore for an obvious hold on Kevin Peterson to spring Metcalf. Rookie Isaiah Simmons intercepted Wilson on the next play and returned it 12 yards to the Seattle 49.

That set up the Cardinals’ game-winning, six-play, 19-yard drive.

The Cardinal got to overtime on a 8-yard touchdown catch by Christian Kirk with 2:28 left in regulation and, after Arizona got the ball back with 52 seconds left, Gonzalez made the tying kick on the final play of regulation.

Kirk’s touchdown — his second of the game — came two plays after Seahawks defensive lineman Benson Mayowa was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for trying to gain leverage on Gonzalez’s 52-yard field goal. The Cardinals took the points off the board and got the touchdown, leaving them in need of only a field goal to tie it on the last play of regulation.

Kyler Murray finished 34-of-48 for 360 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. He also ran for 67 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries. DeAndre Hopkins caught 10 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown, and Kirk had five receptions for 37 yards and two scores.

Chase Edmonds, getting more playing time after Kenyan Drake was carted off with an ankle injury, had five carries for 58 yards and caught seven passes for 87 yards.

The Cardinals gained 519 yards.

The Seahawks gained 572 yards as Russell Wilson threw for 388 yards and Tyler Lockett had his second three-touchdown game in four games. But Wilson also threw three interceptions.

Wilson has 22 touchdown passes, tying Peyton Manning for the most through six games. Manning finished with 55 touchdowns that season.

Wilson also ran for 84 yards on six carries.

Lockett caught 15 passes for 200 yards and touchdowns of 3, 47 and 3 yards.

Lockett had a three-touchdown game against the Cowboys in Week 3, catching nine passes for 100 yards. That was his only 100-yard game this season before Sunday night.

Lockett has seven touchdowns this season.

44 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Cardinals knock off Seahawks in overtime thriller

  1. While Russel wilson did throw three high uncharacteristic interceptions. This entire loss is in Benson Mayowa. Him jumping over the lineman on that FG try by Arizona allowed the Cardinals to score a touchdown and only be down by 3 instead of having to go get the ball ball back and Having to go score a touchdown. It was probably one of the stupidest penalties I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Finally, sanity prevails over Seattle’s sandlot style offensive clown show. The luck had to end sometime.

  3. Lol not the first time russ threw the game away with a costly interception (malcolm butler). The guy is not clutch and never has been. He benefits from great receivers and alot of times favorable officiating. Overrated and Seahawks will go nowhere with that trash defense that will get carved up again next Sunday.

  4. This ending was bizarre. Kudos to the Cardinals for hanging in there, but Russell Wilson and Kliff Kingsbury did almost everything possible to lose this game. From not kicking a field goal in the first half to Kingsbury icing his own kicker, it was just cringeworthy to watch.

  5. Russ had a bad night, congrats Cards fans. As a 49ers fan our banged up D might be in some trouble next week. Russ will probably have a huge bounce back.

  6. That Seattle defense is atrocious. Maybe they should move Metcalf to the other side of the ball.

  7. This game was a wild one. This is what happens when you let a team hang around. The Cardinals had no reason to be in this game but just refused to cave. Murry just was a wizard. Best game I have seen this year.

  8. Are we finally done hearing about how the Seahawks are the best team in the NFL?
    Russ is Russ…But that D? Meh.


  9. Yow! Can’t wait for next week! SF gonna walk all over that cardboard cutout D. 520 total givin up this time…YOW!

  10. Cardinals are looking pretty good. All they need is a QB and they would be a Super Bowl contender.

  11. This was a pleasure to watch. Russell and mini Russell, who is a better passer and runner than Russell was at his age.

  12. Lot of heart on Metcalf preventing that return for a TD … Inspired the whole team, especially on that defensive series.

  13. I know it’s some kind of internet sin to talk ill of Russel Wilson but those were some of the worst throws I’ve seen in the last five seasons. Two of them in the redzone, too. Nate Peterman would be shaking his head. People can probably cool it with the MVP talk for a little while.

  14. NFL coming in clutch by putting this game in prime time instead of the Raider game (no offense fans of those teams). What a game.

  15. Wilson, Lockett, and Metcalf are unbelievable. So are Murray and Hopkins.

    Now THAT was a fantastic game. I’m sure the NFL is happy with next week’s Sunday night game Cowboys vs Eagles! lol

  16. If the Seahawks had won DK Metcalf’s chase down of Budda Baker would have been the stuff of legend in the teams lore. It still could be. The Cards never gave up though

  17. Shame most fans in east coast didn’t see the end. I’d love to see the hour by hour ratings

  18. I knew Seattle was in trouble if they continue to give up 370 yards passing per game. Some improvement there – they gave up 360 yards through the air. Not a formula that’s going to work against the better teams.

  19. That was a gutsy win by the Cards. After missing what would have been the game winning field goal, they must have been crushed to lose the coin toss and go back on the field on defense in over time. I thought for sure it was going to be another great win by Wilson as he led them down the field for the game winning TD. And if it weren’t for a really dumb penalty, he would have. Gotta tip my hat to the Cards for winning that game the way they did.
    As for Russell Wilson, even the great ones can throw multiple interceptions in games.
    And Kyler Murray really puts pressure on defenses because he’s so unorthodox. He looks like he’s a pitcher winding up sometimes when he throws, but he still gets it there.

  20. Never seen the seahawks looking so flat and uninspired late in a game. When the tying kick went through the uprights, they looked like old men grudgingly going back to work.

    Russell Wilson in particular loves the crowds, home and opposing. The lack of fans may be taking the emotional edge off him.

  21. I still do not understand why the Cardinal’s HC decided to kick a 40+ yard field goal with almost three minutes left on the clock instead of running the clock down and get closer to the end zone for an easier winning field goal. Will someone explain his thinking with that decision?

  22. It was a great game… I can honestly say that before last night, I’ve never seen a team ice their own kicker like that… and almost cost them the game. Yikes. Clock awareness drills start Monday.

  23. Congrats on the W cards. My only complaint is the call on Wagner on 3rd down toward the end. No way he could hit the brakes there. Possibly changes the outcome. Otherwise, awesome game. Metcalf running down Baker on the should be pick 6 was amazing. Seattle will bounce back next week.


  24. As a Seahawks fan, the Seahawks deserved to lose that one. My only hope is that it was a wake up call to Pete and John that they desperately need to find a pass rusher. The defense is atrocious. Wagner’s lost more than a step, no pass rush, and the secondary can’t stay healthy. However, it was lack of discipline that lost this game. Wagner’s and Mayowa’s penalties are the only thing that kept this game from being a blowout Seahawks win (and yes, the call on Wagner was the correct call – he was way too late with that hit). Congrats to the Cards even though it looked like they were trying to lose, too. Seattle was just trying to lose more – that last pick by Wilson was a headscratcher. Doesn’t get any easier for Seattle next week, let’s see if Pete learned anything and makes some adjustments to that horrendous soft zone combined with zero pass rush (doubt it).

  25. Seattle has been fools gold all season. Russell Wilson is great, but he can’t win every game himself. Their defense is atrocious. It can’t stop a nose bleed, which is why nobody has Seattle making a deep postseason run.

  26. How can we top Arizona / Seattle ??

    How about Eagles/Giants !!!

    Another clash for the top of an NFC division !!

  27. That Ken Norton zone defense is a major liability. What was Tre Flowers doing playing 10 yards off the receiver in OT allowing easy pitch and catches for Murray? Great offense, massive holes in the D.

  28. I don’t think Ken Norton Jr. is DC material. On paper, that defense should be performing WAY better than it is….even with Tre Flowers on the field. I bet Norton would be an exceptional position coach…but DC might be a little over his head.

  29. Seattle and Arizona battled the entire time…yes, Seattle earned the loss, but Seattle still has a potent offense that can keep them in games…at least it is fun football to watch….

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