Vic Fangio: We need to fix entire passing game

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The Broncos got quarterback Drew Lock back from a right shoulder injury for their Week 6 game against the Patriots, but Lock’s return has not resulted in a spike in success throwing the ball.

Lock is 34-of-64 for 443 yards and four interceptions in the last two games. The lack of success through the air didn’t stop the Broncos from beating the Patriots in his first game back, but they got blown out by the Chiefs this Sunday.

On Monday, Fangio acknowledged that Lock needs to be better and said the only way he is going to improve is by continuing to play. Fangio also said that Lock isn’t the only player who needs to improve in order to make the team more successful through the air.

“As a team we need to fix our entire passing game,” Fangio said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “We just haven’t thrown it very efficiently the last two weeks. That’s an 11-man operation. That’s us as coaches. We’re all in it together and we’ve got to go to work on that. It has to improve no doubt about it. And as the quarterback he’s the main focus as always but I think we have to keep in mind it is an 11-man operation and us as coaches are involved too. And we’ve got to make improvements there, there’s no two ways about that.”

The Broncos will face the Chargers this week and get their first look at rookie quarterback Justin Herbert. He’s been playing at a higher level than Lock and the future in the AFC West won’t look too rosy for the Broncos if that continues to be the case.

17 responses to “Vic Fangio: We need to fix entire passing game

  1. If you take away the two TDs that were not scored by the KC offense, the fumble by Gordon, and the flea flicker disaster, it was a pretty even game.

    You know things are strange when the Broncos’ offensive MVP so far is Garrett Bolles.

  2. 8oneanddones says:
    October 26, 2020 at 4:48 pm
    If you take away the two TDs that were not scored by the KC offense, the fumble by Gordon, and the flea flicker disaster, it was a pretty even game.
    This just in… Special teams and defense are both part of the game. I mean, if you took away the 6 field goals Buffalo kicked vs the Jets yesterday, the Jets would have won.

  3. I think lock needs more SWAGGER! Because that’s the measure broncos fans have told me can predict success:SWAG.

  4. A good place to start if you want to fix your entire passing game would be by benching your garbage QB. 75% of your problem is now corrected. You’re welcome.

  5. They seem to have completely taken him running the ball off the table this season. Last season in going 4-1 as the starter he made some plays with his legs and averaged almost 15 yards a game. That’s down to 3 yards per game this season and not only does he not run but they don’t even move the pocket. And with their poor line, having him locked in the pocket virtually guarantees he’s getting hit every play.

  6. Lock needs to step it up. Bad accuracy, bad reads, and an inability to consistently out up touchdowns. He seems like he cares more about his “swag” then being the best damn QB in the league. Cut out the Darth Vader crap and complete some passes for first downs. If Philip Lindsay didn’t run over that defense Lock would have put up nothing.

  7. I hate the Broncos. I’m a Chiefs fan, but I am rooting for Drew Lock to succeed in the NFL.

  8. I’m a Chiefs fan also and absolutely root for Drew Lock. His bad luck was he was drafted by a team that has an old defensive coordinator (at best) as his head coach. How different would Lock look if he was coached by Andy Reid instead of Vic Fangio?

  9. When I want to build a stellar passing game the guy that immediately comes to mind is Vic Fangio.

  10. Vic Fangio sounds like a great name for a Vampire. He may have more success doing that than sucking at building a passing game.

  11. This is what happens when you get a DC for a HC, they aren’t very good at the offensive side of the ball as they’re more concerned with the D and in the NFL today you better be able to score and score a lot and that’s not a former DC’s strong suit!

  12. Then get Jeff Driskel back in there. Mark my words, that kid is gonna develop into a starting QB.

  13. Fixing the passing game is just one of their problems. Obviously nobody is coaching special teams. The Broncos will be hopeless until Elway is gone. He is an embarrassment as GM.

  14. Vic says all the right things, but we all know a good QB lifts everyone up. Lock is not the answer. Back to the drawing board.

  15. Duh, Vic. Go back and look at Manning tapes. You gotta release the ball quick so the line doesn’t have to live in a fire drill. You’ve got the players, but you have to fix the philosophy.

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