Adam Gase to Sam Darnold: We have to stay the course

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The Jets fell to 0-7 and quarterback Sam Darnold had another rough day in Sunday’s 18-10 loss to the Bills.

Darnold had some success in the first half, but a late interception helped Buffalo cut the Jets’ lead to 10-6 and the second half was a complete disaster. Darnold completed one pass and was sacked four times as the Jets picked up four total yards of offense over the final 30 minutes of the game.

Chatter about the Jets going 0-16 and earning the top pick in the 2021 draft is hard to ignore around New York and New Jersey these days. Darnold fielded questions about that last week and seemedd particularly dejected after Sunday’s loss, which led Jets head coach Adam Gase to offers some advice to his quarterback.

“I just keep thinking he’s 23. None of this can be easy,” Gase said, via Al Iannazone of Newsday. “My thing to him was we got to stay the course, we got to keep finding ways to get better, we have to do a really good job of being great leaders and showing guys the right way to do things, and keeping our focus. Him and myself getting frustrated and angry to the point where it’s unproductive is not going to work. We have to do things right. We have to show the right way. We have to act a certain way where we can bring guys along with us and find a way to turn the corner.”

There’s a point where plowing ahead with the belief that things are going to get better feels less like a strategy than blind faith. If the Jets haven’t gotten there with their 2020 team yet, it doesn’t feel far off from hitting a point where there won’t be a corner left to turn.

28 responses to “Adam Gase to Sam Darnold: We have to stay the course

  1. The ghost of Richie Kotite laughs every time Gase opens his mouth, secure in the knowledge he will no longer be deemed the worst coach in Jets’ history.

  2. Jets must tank one for the team. If the Jets and some other hapless team can make sure that Lawrence and Fields don’t end up in New England; we can collectively laugh every “Patriots Fan” into the Buccaneers bandwagon.

  3. Amazing Case still has a job , just amazing. Every week we have to hear some ridicules sound bite from him.

  4. I have to wonder how much longer the Jets are going to “stay the course” with Gase. Are they just riding the tank all the way to 0-16 so they can pick Trevor Lawrence?

  5. When Gase was hired in Miami it was all about him being the “QB Whisperer” the fix to cure Ryan Tannehill. IMO Gase had the opposite effect on Tannehill and since they separated THill has been great. Sam Darnold needs to get as far away from this Whisper guy ASAP before his confidence is so shot that his career is over before it ever gets started.

  6. My understanding is that jets management is afraid to fire Adam Gase. The fear is that anyone (and I mean literally anyone) who takes over in the interim may be competent enough to actually win a game. With gase they are guaranteed to lose.

  7. Darnold is 23 and has one of the worst offensive coaches in the NFL. This coach will end his career. Of course its hard, especially when he has to defend the coach who doesn’t know anything about football. As a Miami fan, I feel his pain. Gase makes other players good, only when they play on other teams away from him. Shocked that he still has a job.
    The only course for the Jets is “loose for Lawrence”.

  8. Gase will not be fired until the season is over. The Jets want Lawrence and Gase is the guy to get them that draft pick.

  9. Darnold: “We’re 0-7”

    Gase: “Let’s stay the course.”

    Darnold: “So…. the “course” is Trevor Lawrence?”

    Gase: (deer in headlights stare)

    Somewhere a thousand miles a way, Lawrence wakes up screaming.

  10. Hmm. Bad O line play and a quarterback coming out of college who’s about 40 lbs underweight for his frame may not be the best combo

  11. In their rush to get Trevor Lawrence they’re going to waste the 3rd pick in the draft which is what they spent on Darnold. Gase is ruining the kid and don’t be surprised if it turns out like Tannehill and in a couple years Darnold is playing well for somebody else while Lawrence is struggling with the Jets for some new clueless coach. It’s the endless cycle for the Jets.

  12. This reminds me of this — if the Captain of the Titanic told the guy in the crow’s nest not to worry, that we’re not gonna worry about a little old iceberg.
    Adam Gase has now failed in two different cities as a head coach, so what gives that anyone confidence he can turn things around?
    And Sam Darnold hasn’t proven that he’s anything special, either.
    This much I will say — the problem with the Jets is the same problem the Cowboys, Giants, and other teams have. It’s their ownership.

  13. I wouldn’t put it past the Johnson brothers to keep Gase on after the season. They are even more clueless then him.

  14. And into the abyss they go. What a disaster. On the plus side, they’ll get a chance to destroy Trevor’s career once they’re finished ruining Darnold’s

  15. I swear Gase has some serious dirt on these NY owners… yes Ross lives in NYC too.

  16. “Him and myself getting frustrated and angry to the point where it’s unproductive is not going to work. We have to do things right. We have to show the right way.”

    Gase is blaming the some of the lack of leadership on a 23 yr old QB who hasn’t been given the tools and training to be an effective leader. Wow, what a mess.

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