Cornerback Kemah Siverand gets second chance with Raiders practice squad

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Rookie cornerback Kemah Siverand is getting a second chance to forge an NFL career after squandering his first opportunity with the Seattle Seahawks this summer.

The Las Vegas Raiders signed Siverand to their practice squad on Tuesday along with veteran linebacker James Onwualu.

Siverand was waived by the Seahawks in August as the former Oklahoma State defensive back allegedly tried to sneak a companion into the team’s hotel during training camp after disguising the woman in team clothing.

Siverand posted a statement apologizing for his actions and said he apologized directly to Pete Carroll, John Schneider and others in the organization.

I violated team rules, which would be unacceptable in normal times, but absolutely inexcusable now during a pandemic,” Siverand wrote. “I understand my lapse in judgment not only put myself at risk, but also put my teammates and the organization at risk, thankfully no one else was affected by my actions. I want everyone to know that I am truly sorry, hold myself accountable, and am ready to move forward. I want to make sure this one mistake will not define me, and I will continue training harder than ever to continue pursuing my dreams of playing in the National Football League.”

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  1. so, the Raiders say they’re turning a corner on the virus. Signing a guy who previously breeched Covid19 protocols beggs the question. A corner toward what? more positive tests and competitive disadvantages?
    All kidding and lame jokes aside, good for kemah Siverand getting a 2nd chance. Bet that feels pretty special.

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