Jerry Jones: There’s no leadership void with Cowboys

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Another blowout loss has led to another round of questions for the Cowboys regarding whether head coach Mike McCarthy is the right man for the job.

Executive vice president Stephen Jones reiterated his belief in McCarthy on Monday and it was his father’s turn to do the same thing on Tuesday. Jerry Jones made an appearance on 105.3 The Fan and said the Cowboys wanted someone who can “stand tall and strong as the head coach” when “the you-know-what hit the fan” by way of explaining his faith in McCarthy.

“Well, shut up and let me answer. No. . . . You’re not asking me that,” Jones said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I gave you the answer. When I go into the locker room, there’s no leadership void in my eyes. Now, that’s your answer. Let’s move on.”

Jones would apologize to the hosts before the interview came to an end, but it seems his belief that he hired the right head coach may not be enough to overcome the frustration that a 2-5 start to the season has created for the Cowboys owner.

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  2. Good luck getting Jerry to admit to making a mistake. You have a better chance of Trump voluntarily releasing his tax returns.

    McCarthy as personally hired by Jerry, therefore he will be the right coach for the Cowboys no matter what.

  3. Green Bay
    2017 (McCarthy) – 7-9
    2018 (McCarthy) – 4-7-1 .407%
    2019 (LaFleur) – 13-3
    2020 (LaFleur) – 5-1 .818%

    2017 (Garrett) – 9-7
    2018 (Garrett) – 10-6
    2019 (Garrett) – 8-8 .562%
    2020 (McCarthy) – 2-5 .285%

    When McCarthy leaves a team, the team gets better.
    When McCarthy comes to a team, the team gets worse.
    Great hire Jerry.
    Meanwhile, Stefanski’s Browns are 5-2 (.714%)

  4. What GM is going to criticize the head coach he just hired, even if he knows it was a bad choice?

    The problem isn’t Jerry publicly supporting McCarthy. The problem is that Jerry picked him in the first place.

  5. Can’t blame failure on a first year HC. Not to mention the limited offseason with COVID 19 restrictions in place. This year was expected to be a slog. That being said the Jones need to learn the following phrase ‘no comment’.

  6. Wow, so the OWNER of the team who OBVIOUSLY has a leadership void says there’s no leadership void. It’s not irony, it’s the Cowboys.

  7. Jerry, please stop, you keep saying the same thing after every game, this team is missing a lot of things, start making some changes or the same thing will happen every game for the rest of the season.

  8. The coaching staff hasn’t had a chance. Give them a off season with a training camp and no China virus and then make the call.

  9. Even Dan Snyder is trying to stop the foolishness this year.

    What’s up with Jerry ? Good Grief.

    Shut up ? wth

  10. stucats says:
    . . . start making some changes or the same thing will happen every game for the rest of the season.

    The rest of the season? How about perpetually, at least until the Jones family sells the team (which we both know won’t ever happen).

  11. Absolutely clueless. The Cowboys aren’t winning anything as long as Jerrah and his boys are running the show.

  12. The reason the leader doesn’t think there’s a leadership void is bc the leader isn’t capable of recognizing he’s not a leader even after all of his consistent failures the past 20+ years.

  13. McCarthy sure does not give that comfortable feeling that he is firm control of anything. Jerral, the PR machine/truth denier, should be very worried about the roster he put together. Dak’s value is only rising. Browns fans certainly that bloated contracts and poor play equal = rebuild.

    Jerral was upset with the question because it questioning his competence.

  14. Isn’t there an old story out there about the Emperor having no clothes? Why does that story come to mind here?

  15. I listened to the interview, at least Jerry didn’t say we are still in the race for first place. Like Stephen did on Friday. It isn’t a good look when the 80 year old owner has more fire in his words than the entire team did Sunday. As a Cowboys fan please take them off Sunday night football. They do not deserve to be there.

  16. Every team faced the same challenges with Covid-19. There are other new coaches besides the Cowboys hiring McCarthy. How are they doing? Other teams have had injuries. How are they coping? This season is more challenging than most. This is what coaches get paid for. Every player has to be ready to play and step up into a starting roll when called upon. It’s painfully obviously, the Cowboys haven’t answered that challenges. A lot of that is coaching. Some blame has to go to the GM with the managing the salary cap.

    Like heyguru1969, I was at the first game the Cowboys every played in the Cotton Bowl. It was an preseason game with the Baltimore Colts in 1960. I use to sneak in to watch them practice at the field along Central Expry and Yale Blvd. I’ve been a fan along time. This team and the coaching staff don’t seem to be on the same page.

  17. Everyone knows Jerruh made a huge mistake 26 years ago when he fired Jimmy Johnson and turned the Cowboys into the very definition of mediocrity. Unfortunately his ego will not allow him to step away from the GM role and hire a real football guy as that would, in effect, be admitting to all he goofed. Jerruh – to err is human. Do your fans a favor – hire a real GM and get the heck out of the way.

  18. If your qb gets clobbered with a dirty hit, and no players come to his defense, there is either a lack of testicular fortitude or a lack of leadership.

  19. stucats says:
    October 27, 2020 at 10:39 am
    Jerry, please stop, you keep saying the same thing after every game, this team is missing a lot of things, start making some changes or the same thing will happen every game for the rest of the season.


    Surprised to see you here with your trash team instead of dumping on the niners. I blame no one but the ownership.

  20. The leadership void exists in the GM position. Everything is about satisfying Jerry Jones ego and making him more money. Winning championships is secondary to that. As he showed with Jimmy Johnson, Jerry would rather lose with him in charge than win a Super Bowl with someone else in charge. What other team would have the same GM that has seen such mediocrity for over 20 years? If Jerry Jones applied for a GM position with all the other NFL teams, would any teams hire him? I think not.

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