Jets may be open to Quinnen Williams trade

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The Jets have reached the point in their winless season when any player on the roster who might be able to fetch some draft picks in a trade has to be considered on the block.

So it was no surprise that Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported that the “Jets are shopping” defensive lineman Quinnen Williams.

That report, however, was immediately contradicted by multiple other Jets beat reporters, who said that the Jets are not shopping Williams.

The difference might just be a matter of whether the Jets are actively shopping Williams or whether they’re merely making it known that they’re open to taking calls for Williams. The Jets are at the starting point in what is sure to be a major rebuild, so it makes sense that they’d be open to taking calls for just about anyone.

Still, it’s unusual that the Jets would consider a Williams trade only a year and a half after taking him with the third overall pick in the NFL draft. Williams is talented and only 22 years old, so he’s the kind of player you’d think they’d want to build around, not trade away.

But Jets General Manager Joe Douglas didn’t draft Williams. Mike Maccagnan drafted him, and then was fired. It’s possible Douglas has never been high on Williams and doesn’t think he’s worth what the Jets have invested in him.

The original report says the Jets would demand more than a second-round pick for Williams, so it seems unlikely that anything is going to happen before the trade deadline a week from today.

15 responses to “Jets may be open to Quinnen Williams trade

  1. Williams would look nice next to Kenny Clark and would make the Packers defense go from just good to championship level. Not saying it will happen, but I’m just saying.😏

  2. Quinnen was drafted really young at 20, he needs coaching. Why the Jets took him at 3 is another question. He will most likely go to another team and become an instant ALL-PRO.

  3. One day the Jets will trade a player five minutes after drafting him because it’s “time to start a rebuild”.

  4. Manish literally got his press pass revoked by both the Jets and the NFL yet people are still using him as a source.

  5. If your favorite teams GM trades even a 2nd round pick, let alone a first. He should be fired immediately.

  6. Manish Mehta loves to stir it up with the Jets ever since they revoked his press credentials. Everyone knows he’s been anti-jets for a long time. That’s why all the other beat writers quickly contradicted him.

  7. All the reports for the most part say hes available bit that it would take multiple 2nd round picks to get him which is why it’s not likely

  8. Leave it to Manish, NY’s version of Omar Kelly (Palm Beach Post Dolphins reporter)….that is, he’ll report anything to get attention! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Trade him to Miami, who has a tom of draft picks in 2021…thanks to Bill O’Brien! He’ll look good next to the dude they drafted in 2019, Christian Wilkens.

  9. lucaluca says:
    October 27, 2020 at 11:00 am
    Manish literally got his press pass revoked by both the Jets and the NFL yet people are still using him as a source.

    You are so right on. Why anyone to this day gives that hack any credence is beyond me. He loves the attention and will print anyone to, 1) garner attention, and 2) stir the pot and get people arguing. Just what his insecure personality craves.

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