Kyler Murray avoiding sacks better than rookie season

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The Seahawks had no sacks of Kyler Murray on Sunday Night Football. Not only that, they had no quarterback hits.

None. Zip. Zilch.

Through the first seven games of his rookie season, the Cardinals quarterback had taken 23 sacks for 154 lost yards. Through seven games this season, Murray has taken only nine sacks for 38 lost yards.

“I feel like the game has slowed down for him,” Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said, via Darren Urban of the team website. “You look at the sack numbers as opposed to this time last year and the lost yardage from sacks, it’s incredible how much we’ve reduced it. Our offensive linemen, too. I think he’s picking the right moments when to take off, (and) checked it down a bunch.”

The Cardinals are third in the NFL in lowest sack percentage (3.4) and second in sack yardage (38). Murray is the least pressured quarterback in the league, according to Next Gen Stats.

Sunday night marked the first time since 2007 that the Cardinals didn’t allow a sack with at least 45 attempts, per Urban. Murray threw 48 passes in the 37-34 victory over the Seahawks.

“His poise was really impressive,” Kingsbury said. “Never got too high or too low, controlled his emotions and stayed in the moment. We were laughing on the sideline, saying ‘It’s just another Big 12 football game out here.'”

4 responses to “Kyler Murray avoiding sacks better than rookie season

  1. Not surprised. If you ever played touch football as a kid, with someone’s speedy little brother whose half everyone’s size but is impossible to catch because of that. That’s what Murray is.

  2. Recognition might be considered for coach Kug’s and his OL coaching staff… That group is right up there with the best in the NFL.

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