Matt Nagy: It’s unacceptable for our offense to be outscored by our defense

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The Bears lost in ugly fashion last night, scoring only 10 point against the Rams. Making matters worse was that the offense scored only three of those points.

“[W]e’ve got to get stuff figured out,” Bears coach Matt Nagy told reporters after the game regarding the offense. “It’s not good enough and to be outscored by your defense obviously is unacceptable, too. So, that part’s frustrating. . . . I don’t ever remember having our own defense score more than our offense. That’s hard to do. So, that part I don’t like, and that bothers me.”

Nagy clearly is perturbed by the failure of the offense to make things happen.

“I’ve never really, I’ve never been a part of this before, so it’s a situation where it’s for all of us, very frustrating trying to figure out answers,” Nagy said. “The hard part is, is when you care so much and you’re trying so hard to figure out that identity and where we’re at and the ‘Why?’ part. That’s the part that stings. It’s just trying to get that thing right and it hasn’t happened, so we have to look at, across the board, we have to look at everything. We’ve been doing that and you get out here. We’ve got to start fast. When you come out and all of a sudden you get a penalty, it just kills the drive and penalties hurt. You cannot have penalties early on in the game. Then, when you have situational football, you can’t have penalties in fourth-and-one to get a first down and move the sticks. As hard as we’re making it on ourselves right now, you can’t have penalties. That’s the part there that for all of us to figure out, ‘Okay, when is this going to stop?’”

It’s a little amazing to hear a coach of a 5-2 team talk this way, but that’s what happens when a team wins ugly with an offense that has a hard time kicking it into gear. On Monday night, Nagy thought they wouldn’t be blown out.

“I thought our guys had great energy,” Nagy said. “It’s 10-3 at halftime, not scoring many points, they’re not scoring many points. You come out and all of the sudden you get the ball in the one yard line to start the third quarter. It’s run to get some breathing room. It’s another run to get breathing room and then all of the sudden you have them beat on a double move and we just don’t get it. That’s no criticism to any player, Nick [Foles] had a guy coming off to his left free and you saw it was close, but it wasn’t close. And so that was just kind of one of those nights where it just wasn’t our night. So we’ve got to figure out how each and every one of us are going to step our game up to be better.”

If that double move had hit, the game could have been very different. As Nagy said, however, that play was proof that it wasn’t their night.

It also wasn’t their night, and it hasn’t been their season, running the ball.

“It’s not where I want to be, you know?” Nagy said of the running game. “I mean you got to run the ball in this league and you got to be able to run the ball. We’re trying to figure out ways to do it and right now we got to be better there, and it starts with me.”

It also wasn’t their night, and it hasn’t been their season, blocking the Rams.

“It’s hard when you’re in this scenario right now,” Nagy said. “What happens is, just like you said, you start thinking, is it this guy? Is it that guy? The only choice we have right now probably, and I know this for sure, would be that we have to pull together as best as we can and fight through this adversity, as hard as it is. The word frustration is easily exaggerated in these times, and it should be. So, having that happen, we have to understand, what are we doing that’s not working and let’s not do that. What are we doing that is working? And let’s get back to more of that. I wish I had a better answer for you, but again, I’m not going to criticize or challenge any of our guys’ effort, but something is obviously off. So, we have to figure out what that is, because until we start running the ball, you can’t be one dimensional.”

So the running game isn’t getting it done, the line isn’t getting it done, and as a result the passing game can’t get it done and, putting it all together, the offense can’t get it done.

It gets no easier for the Bears, 5-2 notwithstanding. They host the Saints on Sunday before traveling to Tennessee the following week.

44 responses to “Matt Nagy: It’s unacceptable for our offense to be outscored by our defense

  1. Maybe Matt should bench the QB again and to help hide his glaring shortcomings.

    Poor clock management, and going for it in your own end of the field are a couple of examples.

    What a waste of a good defense.

  2. It’s a long late night flight home from LA to Chicago — time for a lot of soul searching.

  3. The Bears were a nice first half of the season story, but we all knew they couldn’t keep the winning up. The offense just isn’t good enough to score points on a weekly basis. Foles is average and the weapons aren’t very good. The defense is great, but needs time off the field to rest and they just don’t get it due to the inconsistent offense. All that being said, they already have 5 wins and if things go okay the second half of the season, they could compete for a wild card spot.

  4. The problem isn’t that the D outscored the O, the problem is that they lost. Had they won, he would be talking about how great it was that the D could pick up the team on a night when the O wasn’t at it’s best.

  5. Why is the fraud Nagy still employed?
    Nagy has wrecked every offensive player drafted or free agency.
    No more Mitch to blame coach…just you in the mirror.

  6. Man has no feel for game-flow, personel, or how to manage the clock. Other than that, he’s a great HC/OC……….

  7. The Bears have a -2 point differential for the season. That 5-2 record is much better than they are actually playing.

  8. Yeah, Matt Nagy’s play calling was absolutely terrible. However, the Rams just wanted the win more than than the Bears. They were playing on a different level than the Bears. This reminded me a little of the Bears / Raiders game last season in London, only the Raiders still struggled to beat the Bears that game and the final score reflected that by a measly 3 point margin of victory from the Raiders.

    Rams definitely looked good last night and the Bears offensive struggle get revealed again.

  9. If you switch the QB and things still don’t work then the QB wasn’t the problem (actually the running game worked for Trubisky).

    At some point, you realize that the guy who didn’t really call plays before he became the head coach shouldn’t call plays now that he is the head coach.

  10. anyone notice the whole nigjt while calling plays he was clutching his laminated playcard and covering his mouth like he’s the smartest guy in the room so the can’t read his lips……..while wearing a mask? dude is in way over his head maybe he needs to give up play calling and concentrate on coaching…..

  11. The Bears have been more lucky than good all season. They will be a sub .500 team by the end of the season.

  12. That’s what happens when your play calling is as wretched as it is. Example: taking Jimmy Graham out of the game on 1st & goal on the 9. Everyone knows that’s where he does his damage. No RPO’s, which is what made Foles successful in Philly. A lot of straight drop backs & foles is a statue. Idk how that team has 5 wins with that offense, the D must have been crazy good in those 5 games

  13. Bears have only won ugly and now they have lost ugly. Nagy should not be calling the plays. His obsession with Cordarralle Patterson in the back field isn’t going to work. The O-Line is terrible and the poor offensive performance is compounded by Nagy’s inability to call plays.

    Get some O-Line help first and foremost, then get Lamar Miller in the backfield rotation. This is the only way to help the Bears balance the offense and salvage a great start to this season.

  14. Matt Nagy is a bad HC riding to coattails of an awesome D and some left over Nick Foles magic. Relax and enjoy it Matt probably will not last.

  15. Coach, simply behave as better coaches behave. I am not talk, so here are a few examples.

    1. When you get to end of first quarter with a long drive, push the team to run plays against FATIGUED defense. Don’t run one play in final minute than take a four minute timeout to think of a play while the opponents defense is given the chance to freshen up.

    2. As to 1, above. For crying out loud, with the play clock winding down before the game clock, third and 5, maybe you can line up and try to draw opponents off side–as everyone on every level of football does? It is not like it is going to cost a time out to try, it will not!

    3. You move the ball down field, pick up a few first downs in hurry up mode, please don’t then force the team to huddle up so that you can come up with a play. Just have a play ready, or handle the play calling to your veteran qb!

    4. Along those lines, quit subbing in momentum situations, such as second and goal on the four. You have the matchups you want, why on earth would you let defense bring on fresh players and get the matchups they want?

    5. Second and goal on the four, inferior running game all night facing a hall of fame run stopper in his prime…. I get it, you don’t have a play, yet you decide rather than burn a time out or lose five yards you simply bring on a few tight ends, let defense make their substitutions, round the ball straight into 99 for no gain…while you are trying to conjecture your third and goal from the four play. That is on you, Coach.

    6. Fourth and one after winning a challenge on a hugely inspiring one handed grab that should be the play of the weekend. So the call, following a three minute delay to deal with the officiating blunder, is to run a wideout into the starch all night run defense? Not only idiotic, what did you just tell your team after the great play by Miller?

    5% issue of talent…no rb depth, OL subpar…95% coach is simply significantly subpar. Offensive shortcomings are about a lot more than the defense outscoring them. Just hand the game to the qb, quit subbing for no reason. It won’t be perfect, but there sure will be plenty of improvement. I feel horrible for Foles, he deserves better.

  16. I want to give Nagy the benefit of the doubt since their line can’t block anyone and both QBs are terrible, but it’s hard to defend a guy that thinks Corderelle Patterson is a short yardage back

  17. The worst outcome for Chicago this year would be for them to sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card team and give this regime [Pace, Nagy} another draft and another season to inflict more destruction on the franchise. Both of these guys are in over their heads.

  18. The game was really sad to Bears fans for 2 reasons:
    1. Stink, stank, stunk. The Bears offense defined all variations of the term.
    2. It was a theme you will see again every time the Bears face a team with a good D line. No run game, no time for anything more that the 4 yard dinks and no completed passes over 10 yards until the Bears are down by 20 or more point in the 4th quarter and its garbage time.
    As a fan I don’t mind the Bears losing but the game was no fun to watch because it was so one sided.
    PS: Trubisky had zilch to do with this one.

  19. No worries coach. You play the Vikings again.That will correct any offensive woes you have!

  20. The Bears offense is terrible and the team on the whole lacks discipline. How many drives did penalties kill? Worse, how many Rams drives were extended because of penalties on the Bears defense?

    Yeah they need a lot more from the QB position but the lack of discipline is a problem that Nagy had better fix now.

  21. I’d bet my life that I could do a better job calling plays and bringing in players. These guys are clueless. Massey, Leno, Cowerd, Ifedi. they all stink. Pace is a JoKe, and not a funny one.

  22. The Bills offense scored ZERO points against the Jets and they still won. Good coaches find a way to overcome and compensate when their offenses can’t get it in the end zone. Although to be fair the Rams are in another league than the Jets

  23. tHe bEaRs aRe FoReAl….lmao if you didn’t think this was one of the worst 5-1 teams ever then you’re lying to yourself or don’t know the sport

  24. The Bears defense is still legit. That offense is a sham. It’s what we’ve known all season. That’s why nobody takes this team seriously.

  25. Chicago had a 1st and goal at the 7 yard line. They didn’t attempt one pass into the end zone and turned it over on a sack.

    That’s play calling. Matt Nagy is a leader of men, but a bad offensive coordinator. Give the duties to Bull Lazor and they may have a chance to salvage this.

  26. Pace and Nagy both need to be on short very leashes this season. If the offense continues to play like this, neither has any business being back. That o-line hamstrings the entire team, and Pace has done virtually nothing to address it for years. It’s absolutely professional negligence as a GM. Nagy makes at least a handful of terrible decisions every single game, from personnel to play calling. Why he has run a WR in two separate (failed) 4th and 1’s, plays that have mattered, I have no idea. And Kmet has made two splash plays the last two weeks, and then not been on the field the rest of the game in favor of the third string TE who isn’t a threat in the passing game. And his time management is worse than a 12 year old playing Madden. Just consistently moronic decision-making out of both of them.

  27. If you are worried about which unit outscored whom…

    Then just have your defense take a knee after a turnover and hope that pitiful offense can manage a field goal or two..

    Problem solved.k

  28. Hey Jacksonville, can you take Foles back please? Maybe the eagles will trade for him. He is garbage.

  29. If I had to take a pick between Matt Nagy or Adam Gase as the offensive coordinator/head coach of my team, I would chose? Neither

    I’d rather hire myself/one of you/ or whoever was the guy that won 1st place on the last madden tour bus tournament.

  30. Nagy’s offense at its very best will avoid losing the game. That is the absolute ceiling. As long as they have a great defense they will be competitive but if the D ever slips it’s all over because that offense is never going to win a game on its own.

  31. This has been the Bears’ history for decades — great defense and not-so-great offense.
    When you realize that in their whole illustrious history they have had only two QB’s who have been voted into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, it says volumes about who they’ve been and who they are. Those two QB’s are Sid Luckman and George Blanda, who made it as much for what he did as a kicker as he did for what he did as a QB.
    When is the last time the Bears have had a QB who they’ve drafted and developed who turned out to be a great QB for them? I can’t remember one.

  32. Truthfully, though…the defense scored 7, the special teams scored 3, and the offense scored 0.

  33. I said this before, not Fault of Folk. Folk will perform at All Pro level in the right system, bringing him to the Bears’s system was a waste for him and for the Bears.

  34. Nagy has never been a part of the Defense scoring more than the Offense, sure. He has been a part of Special Teams scoring more than the Offense. See 2018 playoffs starring Nick Foles in “The Double Doink.”

    And it’s not one game. This has been a thing since Nagy took over. Enough.

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