Mike Tomlin anticipates “rough and tumble game” against Ravens

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The Steelers and Ravens will continue their long-running rivalry in Baltimore this Sunday and head coach Mike Tomlin thinks the game will fall in line with historical norms.

Tomlin is 11-13 against the Ravens in the regular season — 2-1 in the postseason — since John Harbaugh became the head coach in Baltimore and many of those games have come down to to wire. Four of them have gone to overtime and Tomlin sounds like he expects something similar this time around.

“You should anticipate it will be a rough and tumble game because history tells you that,” Tomlin said, via Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “And this year is the same.”

The 6-0 Steelers will be trying to match their best start to a season in franchise history and doing so against their biggest divisional rivals would make the victory extra sweet. Based on Tomlin’s comments, they should expect a rough slog getting there, though.

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  1. Should be a great game. Each team will go as their QBs go. Both Ben and Lamar can look like super bowl QBs or real stinkers.

  2. Tomlin has always kept the Steelers competitive. In Sunday’s game I think it will come down to the QBs and i give the edge to Ben. I think the Steeler defense will be able to contain Lamar’s running and I just don’t think he is the passer yet that he needs to be.

  3. Unlike the red-headed little brother Brownies, Steelers have respect for the Ravens. The difference in this rivalry almost always comes down to a Field goal or less. Both Defenses are amongst the best.
    The Ravens run the ball a little better, but the Steeler run-D is dominating this year. The Steelers passing game is the biggest edge in this game. Ben gets the ball out faster this year than in prior years – and to superior weapons. The Steeler Offense has learned (finally!) to stretch the D horizontally with pre-snap motion and effective jet sweeps. If the turnovers are even, or favor Pittsburgh, they will win.

  4. I’m a fan of neither team but if I can catch a Ravens-Steelers game, I watch it. Great rivalry.

  5. Mike has been working hard all week hoping he gets a chance to trip Jackson running one down the Steelers’ sidelines

  6. The Steelers have done well against a few run-first teams, but the Ravens are a little more dynamic. Jackson struggled against them last year, but they’re not invulnerable. I really think the key to this game (besides turnovers) will be whether or not the Steelers can get any kind of running game going. Their per game yardage has been decent, but they need to get good 1st and 2nd down runs to keep the Ravens pass rush honest.

  7. This game will be like two brothers fighting over the last slice of pizza. They know each others moves well. Both respect each other but both will fight to win with everything they have. I’m thinking the brother with the extra week of rest dominates the brother who just got worn out fighting the Titans.

  8. Time for a Pats fan to change his stale attempts at,humor. It’s going to be a great game with the Ravens edging out the Steelers by a field goal. Also isn’t it enjoyable to listen the Pats cry as they exit the bandwagon like the rats they are.

  9. Ravens secondary matches up well against Ben, and it will be Yannick Ngakoue’s introduction to the AFC North and first time Ben has faced a pass rush with Ngakoue and Calais Campbell. But the Steelers are the undefeated team so they’re on top until someone proves otherwise. Looking forward to this one.

  10. For the love of GOD why isn’t this game being flexed into Sunday night? We’re really going with Dallas vs Philly?

    Come on Man!

  11. theimmaculatedeception says:
    October 27, 2020 at 6:56 pm
    For the love of GOD why isn’t this game being flexed into Sunday night? We’re really going with Dallas vs Philly?

    Come on Man!

    CBS and Fox have games that the league cannot flex. Im sure cbs is sending their #1 crew to baltimore on sunday. Love this rivalry! Ravens 20 steelers 13

  12. The world is a better place when the Ravens and Steelers are playing each other and are both playing well.

  13. As a Ravens fan I respect the Steelers more than any other organization. Just like the Ravens, class act from top to bottom. This game honestly for me comes down to who blinks first. I honestly have no clue what to expect. This is a strength on strength matchup between these two teams unlike any I’ve seen in a while. The Ravens strength is how many ways they can kill you with the run, the Steelers run D is the best in the league in my opinion. The Steelers have a ton of explosive pass catchers, the Ravens might have the best secondary in football. I think the keys to this game is can each team attack the other teams weaknesses. You can move the ball through the air on the Steelers if you can get time. Can the Ravens Oline and pass catchers, the weak links to their offense, take advantage. The Ravens have struggled against teams that get the ball out quicker than they can get there. They’ve shown vulnerabilities to screens and misdirection. How will Wink attack Ben who’s been getting the ball out really quick this year? Will the addition of Yannick Ngakoue actually encourage Wink for the first time in his time in Baltimore to call off the blitz and try and get pressure with 3 or 4? Can the Ravens blitz and still contain all the Steelers screens , quick hitters, and misdirection? This should be really fun!

  14. CBS and Fox have games that the league cannot flex. Im sure cbs is sending their #1 crew to baltimore on sunday. Love this rivalry! Ravens 20 steelers 13.


    If that was the real betting line I would definitely be taking the over. Both teams combined are averaging over 60 points a game. The two defenses combine to give up 37 points a game on average.

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