Noah Fant: We’re not living up to our ability on offense

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The hope in Denver this offseason was that the Broncos would take a step forward offensively in quarterback Drew Lock‘s second season, but things have not gone that way through seven weeks.

They’re 28th in points and yards and head coach Vic Fangio spent time on Monday talking about the need to fix the entire passing game. Tight end Noah Fant is part of that passing game and he said that the defense had some frustrations with the unit after last Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs.

Fant didn’t detail what was said and didn’t take issue with it because he thinks it is time for the unit to “put up or shut up.”

“There was definitely words said in the locker room after the game,” Fant said, via Jeff Legwold of “I’m not going to go into detail, that stays in the locker room, but they have every right to be frustrated and upset. . . . I put a lot of the load on us, Kansas City had one of most powerful offenses, one of the most high octane offenses in the league, right? And they were holding them to field goals, getting three and outs on them, all these things and we’re not really living up to our ability on offense. If I was in a defensive player’s position I would feel the exact same way. Those guys have every right to be heated and upset.”

The Broncos have reasons why they’ve gotten off to a slow start offensively, including injuries to Lock, Courtland Sutton, and Phillip Lindsay. Their ability to work around them while improving the product on the field will define the rest of this season.

8 responses to “Noah Fant: We’re not living up to our ability on offense

  1. Holding them to field goals, and 3 and outs? Wasn’t the final score 43-16? That Denver offense could have put up 40 points and still lost..

  2. The Broncos have a young QB that was anointed a little too quickly. The expectations were that Drew Lock was the next great QB. There are a lot of young QB’s in the league, and we have to be patient with them and allow them to mature. If you think it’s easy to play QB in the NFL, you haven’t played QB in the NFL. Early struggles don’t doom a career. It’s normal. I’ve seen a lot of HOFers struggle early. Most of them got drafted onto bad teams. Denver has not been an organization where young QB’s have succeeded lately. I’ll leave it at that.

  3. You can excuse young players but not coaches with decades of experience. This head coach is a Wade Phillips type. Good D coordinator but that’s the limit.

    If you don’t know the basics such as how to beat a pass rush or how to work a clock or when it’s okay to go for a record setting field goal you don’t belong at the head of the table.

    I say if there are any other good offensive coaching candidates our there go hire one and demote or fire VIC.

  4. Part of it seems to be that they changed up what had been working at the end of last season. Last year Lock was moving around a lot and averaging 15 yards rushing a game. This season he’s locked in the pocket and only getting 3 yards a game. Possibly they’re scared of him getting injured again but with their poor line play having him sit in the pocket guarantees he’s getting hit every play. He’s made some poor throws this season but he’s also been on the ground with a defender on top of him on every single INT.

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