Shaq Lawson on Tua Tagovailoa’s first start: It’s going to be incredible

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It’s Tua Tagovailoa week in Miami.

The Dolphins announced a quarterback change during their bye week and the first-round pick will be taking over from Ryan Fitzpatrick when the Rams come to town on Sunday. With the Dolphins 3-3 and Fitzpatrick coming off two good performances, the timing of the change has been questioned but Dolphins players seem to have little question about the rookie.

Tight end Mike Gesicki said on Monday that “everyone is excited” about Tagovailoa’s debut and that “we all have confidence in Tua to go out and make plays.” Wide receiver Preston Williams said the rookie has “everything you want in a quarterback” and defensive end Shaq Lawson shared a perspective from the other side of the ball.

“I’ve seen a lot of him in practice, how athletic he is, how incredible of a player he is,” Lawson said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “You get to see it Sunday this week. It’s going to be incredible. He’s going to lead his team in the right way.”

Sunday’s game will be Tagovailoa’s first start since injuring his hip at Alabama last November and the Dolphins hope it will be the first of many in their uniform.

10 responses to “Shaq Lawson on Tua Tagovailoa’s first start: It’s going to be incredible

  1. Herbert and Burrow are doing well and I think Tua will be ok too. Let’s remember it takes a couple of seasons before the defence learns the qb tendencies.
    So let’s hold off on the HOF nominations until then…..just saying.

  2. I get it. Tua gets the job after a Fitzpatrick win and it seems unfair. Keep in mind that Miami is still in play for the division THIS year. The coach has probably seen Tua lighting it up in practice and knows he can’t wait to bring him in. Let’s be honest,Fitz had absolutely no chance to beat LAR, but Tua does, period. When fans look back on this moment, it will be just like when Belichik chose Brady over Bledsoe. Generational qb > Nice journeyman qb

  3. How cool would it be if all three of the rookie QB’s light it up this year and for a long time after??

  4. Tua is a once in 20 year type of player,
    the Dolphins really hit the draft lotto
    with this pic!

  5. As a Dolphins fan I am ready to see this guy take over the reigns. I love Fitzpatrick but the unfortunate reality is that he is not the future in Miami. Before everyone gets too excited people need to calm down a little, Tua is a rookie and is going to make rookie mistakes. That is the way it is. Give him some time and don’t freak out if he doesn’t set the world ablaze from jump street. Chances are he won’t.

  6. As a life long Dolphins fan… I’m not thrilled with how this was handled. Apparently Flores didn’t sit Fitzpatrick down and explain to him the plan… he just announced it. Fitz is probably the best human being in the entire NFL, and he deserved better. He’s always been in on helping Tua as much as he can, never asking for special treatment… the least they coulda done is not blind side the guy. That press conference where he said he was heart broken still gets to me. I hope Tua lights up the world. I hope he’s a left handed Marino…. but the Dolphins owe Fitz at least a year or two contract extension for what they did to him.

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