Baker Mayfield: “Completely insensitive” to think Browns are better without Odell Beckham

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The question was asked not long after Baker Mayfield threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to rookie Donovan Peoples-Jones with 11 seconds left to defeat the Bengals: Are the Browns better off without Odell Beckham?

It sounds like sacrilege to even consider that the loss of Beckham would actually improve the team’s offense. Yet, it’s a fact that Beckham leads the Browns in targets despite he and Mayfield having never found a chemistry.

Mayfield, like Jarvis Landry, isn’t entertaining the question.

“One, I think it’s just completely insensitive to a guy who just tore his ACL,” Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “So I’m not even going to comment on it. You never want to lose guys. That’s where I’m going to leave that one.”

Without Beckham, the Browns can do what they do best without worrying about getting him his touches. They rank third in rushing and 27th in passing.

It also will allow Mayfield to spread the ball around, not trying to force the ball into Beckham.

Or that’s the theory.

Landry earlier said “that’s true at all” and coach Kevin Stefanski agreed.

“I do reject that, yes,” Stefanski said. “Odell is a great, great player. We’re going to miss him. I feel sick, still, without him in the building.”

Stefanski said he’s “not smart enough” to explain the analytics of Mayfield’s better numbers without Beckham.

“I’ll just tell you I’d much rather have 13 on the field if available to us,” Stefanski said. “He’s not, so we’ll make sure we have a plan to make sure we can move the ball any which way we can.”

25 responses to “Baker Mayfield: “Completely insensitive” to think Browns are better without Odell Beckham

  1. And Mayfield is right. But when has the media ever been known to be sensitive to peoples feelings?? Not often.

  2. It’s not insensitive. It’s the truth. Beckham is overrated and has made a career off of one catch. His one playoff appearance he was the main reason the Giants lost to the Packers.

  3. “despite he and Mayfield having never found a chemistry”

    The only people pushing this ridiculous narrative are you guys. It must be embarrassing when the week you called for the Browns trading OBJ because the lack of “chemistry”, Mayfield and OBJ worked out just fine…

  4. I understand the sensitivity of the situation, but the numbers don’t lie and they know it. They put him on a pedestal and tried to force feed him the ball. It didn’t work.

  5. Name the last DIVA WR who won a SB Ring?

    I’ll wait

    Cleveland’s offense is going to takeoff now that they don’t have to force the ball to the big crybaby

  6. I think it’s just completely insensitive

    It probably is but that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect. As dumb as it sounds, they won’t have to force the ball to Beckham who has 23 catches in 43 targets (53%) whereas Landry has 29 catches in 39 targets (74%). He also only has 47 YAC while Landry has 120. Then of course there won’t be the whining on the sidelines. As sad as it is to say, he’s an addition by subtraction. That should be embarrassing except for all the people who continue to enable him.

  7. There are people that don’t have jobs right now who were making $10 an hour. Odell is getting paid $90 million over 5 years.

    Insensitive isn’t the word I’d use to describe this. At all.

  8. Name the last DIVA WR who won a SB Ring?

    I’ll wait

    Cleveland’s offense is going to takeoff now that they don’t have to force the ball to the big crybaby

    Keyshawn Johnson is the last one. I was a freshman in college then, I turn 37 next month.

  9. Excellent strategy by Mayfield saying we can’t be better without him even though they are Now that OBJ is gone, Mayfield has a ready excuse for his sporadic, often poor play. Brilliant.

  10. Either way, Mayfield has to spread the ball to everyone and get better as a QB because I think Keenum could play just as well … they dont have the Bengals every week.

  11. Football is a team sport, so absolutely the Browns are much better off without Beckham. Who’s the only undefeated team? The Steelers. Are they better off without Antonio Brown? Le’Veon Bell? I guess it depends. Are we talking about selling jerseys or winning football games? It’s a QB league. If you’re not a great QB, and you’re a distraction, you’re not good for your team.

  12. Thing is it can be insensitive and correct at the same time.

    Last time Baker was offensive player of the week was literally the last game he played before the Browns traded for OBJ.

    With that being said, good for Baker for being a team guy and not a me guy. He could easily have taken the low road with the narrative the media is constantly trying to push that their offense is somehow dysfunctional.

  13. As bad as Baker looked last season, he managed to beat the Ravens and the Steelers. LOL.

  14. zoeboy813 … Actually the last Diva receiver to win a SB was Percy Harvin with Seattle … Always drama, yet he hardly ever stayed on the field … milked three teams out of major money.

  15. I always thought Landry was the better WR. He has a chip on his shoulder and tries hard. The guy never gives up on a play.

  16. Oh Baker. Insensitivity is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

    I would have answered differently, but bravo for not engaging with this media gotcha moment.

  17. Being right does not equal being righteous. No Odell is fine to believe from an X’s and O’s standpoint but why would you ask his teammates that?

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