Dalvin Cook will practice Wednesday

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Vikings running back Dalvin Cook didn’t play in Week 6 and had a bye last week, so his groin injury has had a good chunk of time to heal up ahead of the team’s return to work.

That time has allowed for enough healing that Cook is going to see how things go on the field. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said at his Wednesday press conference that the running back is going to take part in practice with the rest of the team.

Zimmer added that his expectation is that Cook will be able to play against the Packers this weekend, although his history of downplaying the significance of injuries suggests it is best to wait for an idea of how Cook is feeling after ramping up his workload.

Cook has 92 carries for 489 yards and seven touchdowns in his five appearances this season. He’s scored at least once in every game he’s played.

15 responses to “Dalvin Cook will practice Wednesday

  1. Hopefully plenty of bubble wrap will be made available!

  2. Ok, but after the Packer game can we put Dalvin Cook on the IR? We’re trying to get that #1 pick in the draft and we don’t need Dalvin ruining our shot!

  3. The Packers game is their SB. It’s like college rivalry games (Cal-Stanford, UCLA-USC, TX-TX A&M…). Even if a team has a bad season record, a coach may keep his job be beating their hated rivals. It gives the faithful something to hang their hat on.

  4. Ya, but can he play defense? Rush the passer? Yep, I’m a Vikings fans taking cheap shots at my own team now. This is what 2020 has become. With one win, the Vikings would draft 8th if the season ended today. They can’t even pick a good year to stink.

  5. viking fan for over 40 years and all I have to say is big deal. This team is just BAD. I still can’t understand how you play a good game against a Seattle team and lay an egg against Altanta
    and not many people are outrage that our coach is clueless and our quarterback just doesn’t care

  6. I’ll be shocked if Cook plays Sunday against the Packers. Now that Cook has had his annual soft tissue injury, it will continue to linger and he’ll spend the rest of the season compensating for it. This will cause him to be totally ineffective for the rest of the season. That’s been Cook’s MO since he got into the league.

  7. Sounds risky and perhaps unnecessary. A victory over the Packers could possibly resuscitate a season slipping away, but at what cost? This team is a shell of what they started with.

  8. Zimmer should understand he can’t feed Cook the ball 25+ times a game and expect him to stay healthy.

    He gave him 112 touches in 4 mid-season games last season before he got injured. 75 touches in the 2 and a half games prior to being hurt this season.

  9. Remember the Vikings OC who had that 3×5 card for plays for Ponder and his offense? That OC was the smartest OC in the NFL.

    I think it’s time to go back to that 3×5 card.

  10. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    October 28, 2020 at 1:39 pm
    Cook is more important to the offense than Cousins.


    Just a statistical fact Cook is a running back Cousins is a QB right. Cousins hasn’t missed a game since becoming a Viking due to injury. Just saying.

  11. I know that people pick on Cook because he is injury prone, but it seems as if the entire league is injury prone, especially this year.

    and about 20 other RBs have been injured through 7 weeks.

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