Kirk Cousins wants to end season in “different place” after throwing 10 picks

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Kirk Cousins has never thrown more than 13 interceptions in a season. The Vikings quarterback has thrown 10 already this season.

That puts him on pace for 27.

The last time a Vikings quarterback threw 20 or more interceptions in a season was 2002 when Daunte Culpepper threw 23. Tommy Kramer threw 26 in 1985.

“Every interception’s a little different, so you go back and look at each one and say, ‘Why was that the case on this one?’” Cousins said, via Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. “And certainly the first one against Atlanta, I would say, I got too locked in on Justin (Jefferson) and didn’t need to force it. I wouldn’t say many of the others were pre-determining, and a lot of them you shrug your shoulders and say, ‘Hail Marys are unfortunate; tipped passes are unfortunate.’ ”

Cousins is tied with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz for the most interceptions in the league this season, though Wentz has played one more game. Cousins has had two Hail Mary passes picked off.

The Vikings spent the off week working on reducing Cousins’ interceptions.

“You want to get it corrected,” Cousins said. “You want to finish the year in a much different place.”

That means not leading the league in interceptions. According to Tomasson, only three quarterbacks have thrown 27 or more interceptions in a season this century: Jameis Winston threw 30 interceptions last season for Tampa Bay; Brett Favre tossed 29 picks for the Packers in 2005; and Eli Manning threw 27 interceptions in 2013.

26 responses to “Kirk Cousins wants to end season in “different place” after throwing 10 picks

  1. Vikings fans are hoping for the same thing; Cousins ending the season in a different place…say…San Francisco…

  2. I bet a lot of Vikings would like to be in a different place, as far from Minnesota as possible.

  3. Where ever that place e may be ,Kirk sure has made a hell of a lot of money as an ( at best ) average NFL QB !

  4. You have to look at each interception individually. Not all int’s are bad. I’d rather have a guy throw picks while trying to win games, than see a guy check down for a 5 yard completion on 3rd and ten, or when guys throw it out of bounds instead of trying to win, only to protect his stat sheet. Brett Favre threw a lot of picks because he competed until the final gun. He had no problem throwing 3 picks late in the 4th quarter when his team really had no chance. That same competitive spirit is why he was also a winner.

  5. How does this guy manage to still sound like a know-it-all even when breaking down how much he sucks?

  6. Or by “other place” meaning the bench? He needs to either ride the pine, or another teams banking account. He’s a hack, and the culture of this team has rotted since he came here.

  7. Kirk Cousins has thrown 9 interceptions in his last 5 games. Aaron Rodgers has thrown 8 interceptions in his last 38 games. See the difference?

  8. Why would ANY team want to risk a dollar or an entire season on Cousins?
    He did nothing in Washington, and he’s done nothing with the Vikings,,, except in garbage time,,, then he’s great.
    He is a loser who chokes against the good teams.

  9. Please finish the year any place but Minnesota, and take Zimmer and Speilman with you.

  10. You’d think Cousins would be an All-Pro since he gets to practice against that vaunted Vikings Defense Vikings fans touted all off-season. I like Cousins the person, by the way.

  11. That place is #2 on the depth chart on another team. I don’t see why anybody would want him after this year, he looks worse than he did in Washington.

  12. “ hilmccracken says:
    October 29, 2020 at 9:49 am
    This season sure isn’t going the way Vikings fans said it would.”

    Where are all these chatty Vikings fans you keep referring to? Most of the ones I spoke with were concerned about the o-line, the D-line, the new secondary and missing Diggs. I don’t remember any predictions that were really pushing Super-Bowl. Are you sure weren’t talking to some other teams fans? If it helps the Vikings are from Minnesota.

  13. It’s not Cousins fault. It is the people who gave him the contract. Cousins never was any good. It was just hoopla that the idiots bought into. If he wanted to win he would of take less money and spend it on other players. Last person to bail out Cousins was Sloter in the pre seasons games. Brought them back every time. Lets try it again.

  14. Yes please end the season in a different place. Like NY Jets, 49ers, anywhere but here.

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