NFL planning 20 percent capacity at Super Bowl

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Super Bowl LV will be the least-attended Super Bowl in history, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect not just the NFL but everything about American life.

The league is currently planning for fans at about 20 percent capacity at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Raymond James Stadium seats about 66,000 fans, so the attendance at the Super Bowl will probably be about 13,000. The least-attended Super Bowl to date was Super Bowl I, which did not sell out at the Los Angeles Coliseum and drew 61,946 fans.

Suepr Bowl LV is scheduled for February 7. If the pandemic wreaks enough havoc on the NFL schedule to require some games to be moved until after the currently scheduled end of the regular season, it’s possible that the Super Bowl could be delayed. But the current plan would be to add a week at the end of the regular season and eliminate the week off after the AFC and NFC Championship Games, rather than to delay the Super Bowl.

6 responses to “NFL planning 20 percent capacity at Super Bowl

  1. Personally i would prefer a full house but I will take 20% if that is all we get. Better than nothing.

  2. The NFL should make this SB a no celebrity/no corporate package affair. Save what tickets they are able to sell for regular fans who otherwise wouldn’t have access to this game. They won’t, but it would be a great gesture to the fans.

  3. At some point people are going to have to learn to live with the threat of covid and live normal lives. This disease is not the black death and should not interfere with the Super bowl

  4. So I wonder if those in attendance are going to have sign a waiver saying they won’t sue if they contract covid from going to the game?

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