Seahawks trade for Carlos Dunlap

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Carlos Dunlap has been looking for a way out of Cincinnati and the Seahawks have been looking for pass rushing help, so it’s not a great surprise that they’ve found each other.

According to multiple reports, the Bengals have agreed to trade their longtime edge rusher to Seattle. The compensation set to go to Cincinnati in return for Dunlap is unknown.

Dunlap was told to not to come into the team’s facility on Wednesday as the Bengals worked to find a new home for him. Dunlap has been unhappy with a diminished role on the defense this season and was involved in a sideline argument with an assistant coach in last Sunday’s loss to the Browns.

Given how much the Seahawks need to juice their pass rush, Dunlap should have opportunities to play a bigger role with his new team once the deal is official and he’s in the NFC West.

38 responses to “Seahawks trade for Carlos Dunlap

  1. Good for him. He gets to go to one of the premier organizations in the NFL, and I still have to watch this defensive coordinator fail to stop a nose-bleed. 2020 is what it’s like to be a Bengals fan every year. Glad Dunlap can now play for a winner.

  2. Folks following Cincy, how much does he have left ’cause he’s about to get a significant increase in snaps. Either way Hawks had to do something, but Yannick would’ve been nice for the cheap draft picks.

  3. 10 year vet acting like a 10 year old child. He doesn’t stop the run, doesn’t pass rush well anymore and gets penalties on 3rd down when he is in the game. And he wonders why he doesn’t play?

    Good riddance.

  4. Dunlap has one sack and 18 tackles in the first seven games and lost his starting role to Amani Bledsoe. The Seahawks whiffed on Ziggy Ansah and now they’re going after another washed up DE.

  5. Gotta love star athletes. Don’t like your situation? Throw a temper tantrum on the sideline like your average toddler in Walmart when they go by the toy section and you won’t buy them anything. In the NFL case though you get rewarded. Wish I could throw a fit at work and they “trade” me to another company that’ll pay me. And we wonder why 30 year old men playing sports are largely immature idiots??

  6. mikefloreo says:
    October 28, 2020 at 12:19 pm
    10 year vet acting like a 10 year old child. He doesn’t stop the run, doesn’t pass rush well anymore and gets penalties on 3rd down when he is in the game. And he wonders why he doesn’t play?
    He’ll fit in well on Seattle’s defense. They allow more yards then Dallas defense does.

  7. Good luck Carlos, bengals fans in here sounds like sour grapes. No doubt you were being misused on that crap defense, go be great in Seattle.

  8. I’m a Bengals guy and have loved Dunlap, both as a player and in the community; but the team isn’t just randomly playing him less. He hasn’t played well and has looked unengaged sometimes during plays that he normally would be deep into. Not sure what they got for him and, either way, this doesn’t solve their terrible DL problems this year; but I hope it works out for both sides.

  9. Maybe he looks unengaged because the team plays prevent defense in their base and rushes only 3 at a time?

  10. Dallas needs to LEARN from what Seattle is doing because as I write this Seattle is getting help and the Jones’ are doing NOTHING in Dallas.

  11. 31 year old expensive DE on the decline, good luck Seattle


    He only makes 4.5 million, thats far from expensive.

  12. Coach Pete doing his due diligence on Dunlap: “So why is he available? Oh, he’s old, expensive, not happy he’s losing playing time, threw a temper tantrum on the sideline during last game and tried to sell his house on Twitter right after said game? Great sign us up.”

  13. krakenit says:
    He only makes 4.5 million, thats far from expensive.


    Its a backloaded contract. Assuming Seattle doesn’t cut him after the season, his cap hit for next year is 11.25 mil. That’s the reason he was likely to be cut after this season (along with his waning abilities)

  14. Seattle’s pass rush did not exist and Ken Norton Jr. has absolutely no sense of when to blitz.

    I am glad Seahawks made a move because the defense looked as bad as everybody was saying. Dunlop, Adams and young pass rushers Green coming back hopefully means improvements.

  15. I hate the last few weeks taints a decade of good he did for the Bengals. I hope he does well and the OL the Bengals received is better than what we have starting.

  16. Shehawks defense is not going to get any better. They are neck and neck with the Cowboys for futility.

  17. This is just one new piece for the Seahawks. They also have Snacks coming in to play starting this weekend. Now they just need to add one more average to above average DE that cane rush the QB. Those three pieces would greatly improve the DL rotation.

  18. ajigel says:
    October 28, 2020 at 1:37 pm
    Word is that BJ Finney is who the Bengals are getting. Any takes, Seahawks fans?


    He has only played on special teams. He got beat out by 2 second year guys at backup spots. He also makes the same as Dunlap this year.

  19. So if you cry long enough and hard enough then you will get your way, this is what you mollycoddling these losers

  20. The Seahawks have several important Defensive players about ready to get back from injury. They have a couple more, recently added, that all together should help out big time. I’m thinking they will be fine on Defense going into the second half of the season.

  21. i hope he pulls that crap with Pete Carroll. also hope they get something out of him. he will be cut after the season. no way he gets 10+ million next year.

  22. Seattle had to do something. The second and third level defenders can’t always make up for the short comings of the D line.

    Seattle’s offense cannot continually bail out the defense. That’s what’s been going on each game.

  23. So smart to dump Finney… dude couldn’t even get on the field in Seattle. Hawks gave up absolutely nothing to get a big upgrade on pass rush capability. Hopefully he has something left in the tank.

  24. Fair to say this guy is one of the leagues most underrated players for the last 10 years. Plenty left in the tank it was a bad scheme fit the last 2 years. Carlos regularly has the “pass deflections” stats of the DBs. Plays hard too. He will be exactly what Hawks are looking for.

  25. Dunlap still has plenty of gas in the tank and can play at a high level for another 2-3 years. Congratulations Seahawks fans you got a good one. Any True Bengals fans that say he is in decline is insane. The only thing in decline is our stupid Defensive Coordinater.

  26. Did I hear it right. The Sea Dorks have the worst defense in the NFL? Worse than Cincinnati?

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