Would Cowboys trade Amari Cooper?

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The Cowboys seem to be in fire sale mode, particularly in the midst of a “this is fine” fire on the defensive side of the ball. Here’s the question: Would they trade offensive players, too?

There’s one name to wonder about as the trade deadline approaches, in our view. Receiver Amari Cooper.

Yes, the Cowboys gave up a first-round pick to get him two years ago. Yes, they gave him a new contract after the 2019 season ended.

But consider these facts. First, CeeDee Lamb fell into their laps after Cooper re-signed. Second, Michael Gallup is signed through 2021 to a bargain-basement rookie deal. Third, Cedrick Wilson is pretty damn good. Fourth, with Dak gone for the rest of the season, Cooper becomes a luxury the Cowboys don’t need.

Even though Cooper signed a five-year, $100 million contract, it’s really a two-year, $40 million deal. If someone would offer them a first-rounder for Cooper right now (last year, Mohamed Sanu brought in a second-round pick at the deadline), the Cowboys would be crazy to say no.

“But what about the cap consequences?” you may ask. Trading Cooper would trigger an $8 million charge in 2021, but it would be offset by avoiding $20 million in cash and cap space — creating a $12 million net-cap gain for the Cowboys in 2021.

So any contending team out there looking for a high-end receiver (like the Packers), the window could be open to snatch Cooper from the Cowboys.

35 responses to “Would Cowboys trade Amari Cooper?

  1. There is no fire sale. Getting rid of underperforming FAs is quite different from trading cornerstone players, which is how they view Cooper.

  2. ESPN said they’re trying to move Zeke but didn’t mention Cooper. Both contracts have some level of cap hits for Dallas but the bigger issue is getting other teams to pay bad contracts.

  3. I’m wondering if all this unloading from the Cowboys is more about the salary cap issues ALL teams will be looking at in 2021. Can’t keep or pay everyone. Cap is going to be cut.

    Knowing you can’t win it all this year? Maybe starting to unload isn’t tanking but being proactive.

    Or, maybe I’m giving the Jones’ too much credit.

  4. I can see why the Cowboys might trade Amari Cooper. I just can’t see why anyone else would want him considering the sticker price.
    Cooper has the talent, but he shows up one game and disappears the next — usually on the road, or against teams the Cowboys especially need to beat.
    And no, the Packers do not need him.

  5. So getting rid of bargain barrel players, (that may or may not be undermining the coaching staff), they signed in free agency and weren’t on the team before this year or part of the future equals also getting rid of a player you traded a 1st round pick for and signed to a $100 million dollar contract?

  6. This is the risk that players take when they do a team friendly deal. That “hometown” discount makes it easier for you to be traded, and the team you’re traded to gets the benefit of your discounted services.

  7. If you think the Packers burn a 1st rounder on him you are not paying attention. For starters he is just like Adams but not as good and they haven’t given up anything like a 1st rounder for a WR since Javon Walker. If they weren’t going to draft a WR at 1 and have them for 5 to 8 years why would they trade for one that will be falling off in 2 years. WRs drop off big time at 29.

  8. No, just no. Amari is not just an outstanding receiver, he’s also a hardworking leader in the locker room. The Cowboys need players like him now more than ever.

  9. Every player is available for the right price, except maybe Lamb since he’s still on a rookie deal. The three guys that got paid, Elliott, Lawrence, and Jaylon Smith are underperforming at an alarming rate.

  10. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas. Of course they’d trade him for a 1st. Almost any player outside of a QB would be traded for a 1st. Who in their right mind would trade a 1st for a WR who is greatly overpaid and barely a WR1

  11. This roster is so overrated. It’s gonna be tough for the Cowboys to get back in trades what they think their players are worth.

  12. A) There is no way GB would entertain that price B) McCarthy would fight Jerrah tooth and nail against letting GB get a weapon for AR12

  13. It’s a good idea to jettison “star” players at this point and find the next stars while they are still affordable. The season is lost, really, so start working the phones. Ah, if only they had a competent GM.

  14. Nobody is going to trade for him with that Jerry Jones bloated contract. They aren’t going to cut him either, so I predict he will still be a Cowboy. They need to ship Elliot out though. He hadn’t produced since his bloated contract.

  15. First off, anyone with any brain cells (Jerruh excluded) knew they overpaid Cooper with that $100M contract. However, Jerruh decided he had to since he traded a first-round pick for him.

    Cooper’s 2021 salary of $20M is guaranteed. He’ll still have salaries of $20 for 2022-2024. Who is willing to pickup that contract? Nobody. The only way any team would trade for him is for Dallas to pay part of his 2021 salary and take a dozen donuts for him. I can’t imagine he has much trade value.

    Dallas went into this year with so much promise but the injuries to the offensive line and the complete lack of foresight to build a defense has them in the running for a top-five pick next spring. They can gut the roster all they want but they squandered their window. Now they’re going to be in full-blown rebuilding mode.

  16. collectordude says:
    October 28, 2020 at 10:36 am
    Not worth a first.

    I get the Cowboy hate. But if, as the story says, someone traded a 2nd Rd pick for Sanu last year, be dumb to let him go for anything less than a 1st or a 2nd plus another 2-4 Rd pick. Jerruh needs to invest some picks on defense.

  17. No one is giving up a 1st rounder for Cooper at this point. 4th rounder at best. The Sanu trade was an anomaly and if anything, guarantees no one gives up even that Cooper.

  18. Jerry has a history of giving out big contracts to players and then the player never perorms up to his contract. Roy Williams x2, Dez, Zeke, Marcellus Wiley, Dontari Poe, Joey Galloway, DeMarcus Lawrence, on and on.

  19. First off….while cooper is an excellent WR…..the notion that green bay could get him is wrong. They don’t have the cap space for his kind of contract. Now Gallup could be affordable….lol…..how bout those cowboys….hahahahahahahaha.

  20. Joe The Bartender says:
    Jerry has a history of giving out big contracts to players and then the player never perorms up to his contract. Roy Williams x2, Dez, Zeke, Marcellus Wiley, Dontari Poe, Joey Galloway, DeMarcus Lawrence, on and on.

    The worst may have been Joey Galloway. Others, like Roy Williams, might have contributed even less. But Dallas gave up not one, but TWO No. 1 draft picks to Seattle just for the privilege of signing him to a deal he never earned or lived up to.
    Nice return on your investment, Jerry.

  21. I would want a better receiver than Cooper. He has a history of playing one good game in between a whole bunch of games where he’s an afterthought. Then, he has all those drops.

  22. They should absolutely try to trade Cooper. Gallup and Wilson are cheap and Lamb is on rookie contract. Do they really need so many receivers that are good? Plus they got Zeke, if he’s still any good.
    Get a first round pick and draft defense.

  23. Bundle a threesome package….Zeke, Cooper, Dak. Has to be one team that takes the bait.

  24. Cooper is a decent player, but decent receivers go in the 4th round and later every year. Actually, lots of great receivers go late in the draft.

  25. The Packers have alot of work to do on their 2021 cap, and 2 prime FAs to pay.

    They’re not going to take that contract on.

  26. I worry! Jerry is likely to trade Amari for a used Atari game and a load of coal.

  27. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock look pretty shrewd getting a first for Cooper now, don’t they? Those two knew what everyone does now, Cooper is a flatliner that to look at him makes one think he would rather be playing video games with Jamarcus Russel than playing pro football for $100 million.

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