Buccaneers will use more four-receiver sets to accommodate Antonio Brown

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The Buccaneers have plenty of good receivers. So what will they do with receiver Antonio Brown on the team?

It’s simple. They’ll put more receivers on the field.

Appearing last night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said the offense will find a way to get Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller and Brown available to Tom Brady at the same time.

“We started introducing a more four-wideout-package, so we could have all those guys on the field,” Arians said in reference to his team’s top four receivers, via JoeBucsFan.com.

That’s good for Brown and the other receivers. It’s not so good for the tight ends and running backs, since with four receivers, five offensive linemen, and a quarterback, there’s only one spot left.

And there continues to be only one football. Which will be the most interesting thing to watch once Brown makes his debut for the Buccaneers in Week Nine against the Saints, on Sunday Night Football. Especially since Brown has so much money tied to catching passes (at least 45), gaining yards (at least 650), and scoring touchdowns (at least six).

28 responses to “Buccaneers will use more four-receiver sets to accommodate Antonio Brown

  1. Honestly, people throwing their hands in the air over this move are lying to themselves. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette + Ronald Jones, Scotty Miller, Cameron Brate AND NOW ANTONIO BROWN! Come on, worst case they cut him and use the rest of their weapons of mass destruction.

  2. I’m not sure Tom Brady has ever had this deep of a receiving corps. Pass the pop corn. The NFC Offensive Player of the Month just got a new toy.

  3. brady will need to get ball out quick (which is good at). means more slants and quick hitters. wont see much of arians deep ball in those sets, however, i’m sure they’ll use multiple looks to spread the ball around

  4. It would seem incentive-laden contracts for receivers aren’t the best ideas. It can be a detriment to the team in many ways and through many ripple effects. Signing a player like Brown to a reasonable one year contract with no incentives based on numbers, except perhaps his staying healthy and on the field, seems wiser. Whether he’s more valuable as a pass catcher or a decoy shouldn’t affect his pay too much in his situation

  5. so anything short of a SB ring is now a major let down…right?
    Funny how in NE Brady was throwing to Edelman and a bunch of guys last year, not he has the an absurd amount of talent. only thing left is to make it happen

  6. I can’t stand AB as a person but there’s no denying his abilities on the field. I almost feel sorry for teams trying to defend TB and their four receiver sets. Ouch.

  7. 4 WRs means one less guy to block for statute Tom Brady means Brady doesn’t last the season. Hope it was worth it Bruce Arians.

  8. Possibly will help Brady get the ball out quick, which is his strength. But it could end up getting him killed. As some pro bowler noted recently — if you get one dimensional, defenses will make you pay, like the Giants made the Pats pay in those super bowls.

  9. Sorry I disagree, it’s awesome for the TE’s and every other Buc if it helps us win games. It was implemented prior to his signing and like the 12 personnel formation (max protect) , to win games. And we have the talent to run it without AB. Especially when all are healthy. But as a 4th wr option it does add some excitement if he can still play. This is a very tight group of players even before Brady. This team will not let AB become a distraction to anyone but himself if he so chooses. Go Bucs!

  10. There is gonna be more treats than tricks with this group. How much more talent is there at WR and TE on this team? It will really open up the running game and play action for Brady. Buc dismantled the Packers pretty easily and Seattle’s defense is really suspect, Cardinals are good but lack the fire power to keep up. Rams meh who knows, its clearly now the Bucs to lose at this point and by the time the play-offs hit the Bucs will be in full stride barring major inquires. Could be old vs new in the Super Bowl – Mahomes vs Brady – would love to see that.

    On a side note there was a guy named Rodman who people thought was uncontrollable once he got with the Bulls leaders in the locker room pretty much said that BS isn’t gonna fly here. There a good veteran presence in the Buc locker room to help persuade Brown to not act a fool. This Bucs team is scary dangerous and could be for a couple years if brady decides to play that long.

  11. I’m not real sure why everyone keeps saying Scotty Miller as if AB won’t supplant him ASAP in his role.

  12. They say the you can’t buy a super bowl but the Buccaneers are really going to test that statement.

  13. Ask Mike Tomlin, Jon Gruden and Bill Belichick, (all HoF coaches), how that went. Bruce Arians didn’t want him for a reason. He caved to the pressure. Good luck.

    It’s funny because you hear people say that they believe in second chances. He had his second chance a long time ago. This is chance number 4.

    Fool me once….

  14. therealraider says:
    October 29, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Mike Evans is a better receiver than Antonio Clown. Change my mind.



    Mike Evans 395 – 6103 – 40
    Antonio Brown 576 – 7646 – 59

    During that time period, AB was about 40% better. We’ll see if a year and a half out of football has narrowed that gap.

  15. I thought the main reason they added Brown was because they were dealing with so many injuries to the WRs. If that is the case, wouldn’t you want to give those other WRs some plays off, which would not require 4 WR sets. There may be situations in which you want 4 WR sets, and certain floating this out there will make other teams have to adjust their prep. So, even if they only use 4 WR sets four or five plays a game, it will make other teams at least have to spend prep time on it. But, I cannot imagine they will necessarily be used that often.

  16. They say the you can’t buy a super bowl but the Buccaneers are really going to test that statement.

    You cannot buy a SB. Every team in the NFL is restricted to a salary cap. Use it or lose it. Granted $$ can carry over to the next year but the Bucs have not thrown huge $$ at anyone not named Brady.

  17. I’m not sure Tom Brady has ever had this deep of a receiving corps. Pass the pop corn. The NFC Offensive Player of the Month just got a new toy.


    I don’t think anybody has ever had this deep of a WR corp.

  18. And I thought the AB clown show was over. Foolish me. In the NFL winning, and the $$$ it brings Trumps everything. Truth, law, human safety, morality and simple human values are forgotten in the pursuit of a SB ring.

  19. dwhite11 says:

    “the Bucs have not thrown huge $$ at anyone not named Brady.”

    The Bucs did not even throw huge $$$ at Brady. $25 million per year for a QB is middling. For Brady, a future HOF, with 6 SBs, GOAT, Bucs got him cheap

    ANNUAL QB SALARIES – (millions):

    Watson – $39
    Big Ben – $34
    Rodgers – $33.5
    Goff – $33.5
    Cousins – $33
    Wentz – $32
    Matt Ryan – $30
    Tannehill – $29.5
    Jacoby Brissett – $28 (isn’t even starting)
    Jimmy G – $27.5
    Stafford – $27
    Carr – $25
    Rivers – $25

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