Emmanuel Sanders fears that his case of COVID-19 could turn at any moment

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Like plenty of players, Saints receiver Emmanuel Sanders has tested positive for COVID-19. Unlike many players, Sanders has developed symptoms of the disease.

He also has a nagging concern that his situation could deteriorate at any time.

“Every night I go to sleep I’m like, ‘Lord, please, let me like wake up in the morning feeling good,'” Sanders said on the latest episode of Uninterrrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast on SiriusXM/Pandora. “Like, I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and like, can’t breathe. And like, shit just goes south, right? That’s like my biggest fear in watching that shit, it intensifies my fears, right? Because people can say whatever you want and everybody could say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m not scared to get COVID.’ But in the back of your head, and you may think you’re healthy but in the back of your head, you don’t know this virus. Nobody knows anything about this virus. You don’t know how your body’s gonna react and you don’t know at any moment, like if shit will go south, right?”

Sanders tested positive last Thursday after developing symptoms while at work.

“Showed up to practice,” Sanders said. “I wasn’t feeling well. It was just weird. And my wife, you know, she told me like the day before she was like, I can’t taste or smell anything. So that kind of like threw me off a little bit. So then the next day I show up to work and I’m running routes, but I’m just like, I just don’t feel good. So I ended up telling the trainers. I told the trainers I wasn’t feeling well. And then they start asking me questions. And then I told them about my wife. And after that they took me to get tested and I got tested and that test came back positive. And then they sent me to another doctor and that came back positive and I was just like, what the hell?

“Because truthfully, you know, I don’t really go anywhere. And the only places I’ve been was to take my son to go train for basketball and for football. And so I don’t know, that’s the only place that I possibly could have contracted it unless you know, me and my wife, we went and had dinner one night as well. So it’s a situation that sucks. I’m missing two games. But, you know, it is what it is. Football is a game. And sometimes I think about it way too much over situations that could be, you know, deadly. And so I was upset about the two games at first, but then once I realized, damn, like I got COVID-19 and it’s way bigger than football. I just thank God that obviously I’m still in good health right now and that my wife’s still in good health.”

Sanders explained the symptoms he was experiencing.

“I just felt like I was like loopy,” Sanders said. “Like I was sitting in meetings and my mouth just kept watering and I was like, what the hell? Why is my mouth watering? And it was like that feeling that you’re going to throw up, but I didn’t feel like I was going to throw up, but my mouth was watering like something was coming. It was like weird. And so I told my coach, I was like, ‘Dude, my mouth keeps watering like I’m getting ready to throw up or something.’ I’m like, yo, it feels weird. And then it was like I just felt like loopy. I just didn’t feel like myself. I was like, I feel like I’m getting ready to catch the flu or something. It was weird. So I told my coach that and he was pretty much the one who was like, you should go tell the trainers. And so then I went and told the trainers, but I just didn’t feel like myself. Even when I was running, how I was running, like my body, it just didn’t feel right. I was running, but I was exhausting so much energy into running that it felt like abnormal. I didn’t feel like myself.”

Sanders said that, at first, his temperature was normal. On Friday, however, he developed a fever.

“I think I hit 102,” Sanders said. “And that was in the morning. So even if I would have showed up to work on that Friday, and we got to get tested every morning, they would have saw something because my fever would have been up there at 102. They would have noticed. So it was like actually perfect for me to get out of the building, because my symptoms really like hit that following Friday. But I felt it coming on that Thursday. Just body aches. Like literally I was laying in bed just shivering. 102 fever. My wife, she can’t smell or taste anything. And she has body [aches] but my wife, she doesn’t have a fever. Her body temperature stays at like 97, 98. But mine, like at night time, like last night, I think I hit like 100. And then the night before that I had 101 and then the first night I hit 102. But every night, like it comes back, my fever comes back. At night time around eight o’clock we both get like these weird like loopy feelings. Like, it feels like we’re glitchy. Like when I’m walking it feels like if my wife was to talk to me, it feels like I’m skipping a beat every now and then. It’s like the weirdest shit ever, and that comes like around like seven or eight.”

Sanders will miss two games at a minimum. Hopefully for him, the symptoms will resolve quickly. Hopefully for the Saints, he’ll be available for next Sunday night’s showdown with the Buccaneers.

14 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders fears that his case of COVID-19 could turn at any moment

  1. i dont want to harp on sanders (or anyone else for that matter), but if someone you live with tells you they cant taste or smell anything, dont go into work the next day.

  2. They “went and had dinner one night , yet he implies he has been cautious??? Indoor dining is a Covid infection waiting to happen!
    It’s amazing he wasn’t aware that his wife’s symptoms of losing her sense of smell and taste are significant symptoms of Covid 19, that’s been all over the news!
    Speedy recovery to them both.

  3. the day before she was like, I can’t taste or smell anything. So that kind of like threw me off a little bit. So then the next day I show up to work
    The loss of taste and smell is a pretty unique sign of Covid versus the flu. Its obvious the NFL / Saints training program is failing to educate the players to stay home when you don’t feel right.

  4. He lost me when his wife said she couldn’t smell or taste anything, and then he “went to work”. This is why the virus keeps spreading. People are stupid!!

  5. Umm. Everyone knows the taste of smell thing is a major sign.
    You never should have been running routes around other players.

  6. This is where the NFL and the players’ union are failing the players. They assume by testing twice a day, they will be able to nip in the bud any potential infection. Emmanuel Sander’s case should be a wake-up call to the NFL and the players’ union to get things right since they chose to be responsible for the players’ health.

    While we all hope Sanders and that of his wife, have a speedy recovery, the reality is it may take awhile.

  7. Aren’t they tested every day? I would think that would mean a positive test should come back before he starts feeling symptoms

  8. ES10 is an awesome guy, had a chance to meet him at a his charity event in Denver and I live about a mile from his old house, cool cars btw. Great dude, does it right.

    When Gabby (his wife) says, “I can’t smell or taste anything” you should probably get tested immediately.

    We’re counting on you, the NFL, to give us working stiffs some hope and distraction in these trying times.

  9. Hope he recovers and doesn’t develop long term side effects. Pro athletes cannot perform with limited lung capacity or other problems.

  10. I’m curious to see how this “herd immunity” thing works. Maybe they should let him infect the entire team so that it can be over & done with. Well, that’s if it’s even real in the first place. Perhaps he’s been brainwashed by the media to think he feels sick.

  11. Like, yikes that like sounds like awful. Like, I hope his family like gets better soon like it’s not like sounding like fun.

  12. Is that you, Shaggy?

    burgundyclone says:
    Like, yikes that like sounds like awful. Like, I hope his family like gets better soon like it’s not like sounding like fun.

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