Joe Burrow will be shorthanded on Sunday vs. Titans

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has played great this year. He’ll likely play great again on Sunday. The problem for the first overall pick in the draft will continue to be the players around him, or lack thereof.

Against Tennessee on Sunday, running back Joe Mixon will miss his second straight game with a foot injury.

Burrow also won’t have three of his five starting linemen. Left tackle Jonah Williams (neck), center Trey Hopkins (concussion), and right tackle Bobby Hart (knee) will all miss Sunday’s game.

The 1-5-1 Bengals have been competitive in most games. It will now be even more difficult to be competitive on Sunday against the 5-1 Titans.

24 responses to “Joe Burrow will be shorthanded on Sunday vs. Titans

  1. He plays for the Bengals….they are always short-handed on account of their owner.

  2. Lots of people eating some crow over Burrow, including myself. Sometimes hype is for a reason. Absolute stud this guy is. Hope for Bengals fans’ sake this offensive line doesn’t get him killed. It makes me worried that a poorly run franchise will waste his career.

  3. Drew Lock has been playing shorthanded all season. No one in Denver is giving him a free pass.

    As for Burrow, he hasn’t shown anything that Darnold, Mayfield and Jones didn’t also show in their first season. Statistically he is one of the worst QBs in the league.

  4. Feel bad for the guy though. Could’ve been worse though, the Jets could’ve drafted him.

  5. Love what Burrow is doing but that line scares me. Guy is taking a LOT of hits back there.

  6. Lots of respect for Burrow as a Ravens fan – he will be a great one if they don’t get him killed this season!

  7. I actually root for this team….the guys who are out aren’t significantly different from their backups. Joe will handle this rush as he has all year. This guy is a stud and all of this adversity will only cause him to get that much better. Gio is a better pass blocker (by far, unfortunately) than Mixon is and is sneaky hard to deal with. This is not the end of the world this week for them…however if it stays this way (without the O-line depth) after the bye week when they play the squealers, all bets are off.

  8. gotitan says:
    October 30, 2020 at 3:03 pm
    Tannehill and Henry will light them up.
    Tannehill and Henry play defense too?

  9. Theyre going to be shorthanded on defense too after henry brutally trucks jessie bates. Jessie is not built for that. I fear for his well being. Play williams more this game hes tuffer

  10. The Bengals record this year does not matter. They are building from scratch. Having watched them play, They will score points. Lots of points. Good luck Titans, They are gonna break thru soon. And you dont want it to be you.

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