Mike Davis says Charles Harris hit on Teddy Bridgewater was a cheap shot

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was briefly knocked out of Thursday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons after defensive end Charles Harris delivered an illegal blow to the side of Bridgewater’s head.

Late in the third quarter, Bridgewater tried to escape a collapsing pocket when defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. kicked his right leg out and illegally tripped Bridgewater. Then as Bridgewater hit the ground Harris delivered a late hit from behind to the head and neck area of the Panthers quarterback.

The play led to Harris being ejected from the game.

Panthers running back Mike Davis wasn’t fond of the play from Harris after the game.

“Yeah, I think it was a cheap shot. It was late, hit him in the neck. Yeah, that’s just something that you hate to see. That’s unnecessary,” Davis told reporters after the game.

Bridgewater was forced to the sidelines and was evaluated for a concussion as P.J. Walker took over at quarterback. He would finish off the drive for Carolina and play two plays on the next possession before Bridgewater returned to the game. He was cleared of a concussion and had been deemed questionable with a neck injury by the Panthers before returning to the contest.

Davis said he appreciated Bridgewater fighting to get back on the field for his team.

“You never want to see that happen to your quarterback so you’ve always got to stand up for him,” Davis said. “I just wanted to say that I really appreciate Teddy too for his fighting to come back in the game. A lot of guys would have quit but he came back and fought so I really appreciate that a lot. He didn’t quit. That’s something I love to see and that’s a quarterback I’d love to play for any day.”

5 responses to “Mike Davis says Charles Harris hit on Teddy Bridgewater was a cheap shot

  1. That’s a clear illegal hit. But it’s a tough spot for the defender. A few years ago that’s a clean hit that no one questions. He’s untouched stumbling to the ground and hits the ground just before Harris goes into him. If Harris just lets him go or tries to touch him down he might regain his balance and take off. Harris tries to push him down with his hands out but his shoulder ends up right in the head area and a light attempted push/bump becomes a hard head shot on someone who’s already down. It looks really bad in slow motion but I don’t see it as intentional, dirty, or malicious. If anything I feel the dirtier play was the trip by Fowler that led to the stumble in the first place; there’s no place for blatant tripping like that in football.

  2. Wish nothing but the best for Teddy but I wish he did not return to that game. I’m more worried about his health and am sure this morning he feels like he was in a car crash last night.
    Like Bo says, that wasn’t a tackle, it was a hit. Nobody tackles anymore, they just try and hit and knock somebody’s head off on every play. If he instead tried to tackle him I’m sure he would have been fine.

  3. Harris was a first round bust with Miami. He couldn’t slap a tree if he was standing in front of one. If he can’t take a cheap shot at a QB, then he has no shot at making a tackle.

  4. While it was a brutal hit, it doesn’t compare to Dalton giving himself up and getting hit 2-3 seconds afterwards.

    Bridgewater wasn’t diving/sliding to give himself up on the play, he was fighting for yards. He put his hand down to stop going to the ground. It was an illegal hit as the two players’ momentum/trajectory caused Bridgewater to be hit in the helmet but not a clear cheap shot.

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