Ryan Tannehill producing like one of league’s best QBs after season’s worth of starts for Titans

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Thirty-seven touchdowns, seven interceptions, 4,188 yards, five rushing touchdowns, a completion percentage of 69.1 percent, a passer rating of 116.5 and a 12-4 record as a starter.

That’s the numbers racked up by Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill over his first 16 regular season starts as quarterback in Tennessee.

Since taking over for Marcus Mariota midway through last season, Tannehill has performed like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If you used Tannehill’s last 16 starts as a full season comparison to the entire league in 2019, Tannehill would have ranked sixth in passing yards, fourth in completion percentage, first in touchdowns and first in passer rating.

It’s been a growing year and a half from being traded here as a backup, starting the season off as a backup, getting opportunity, kind of jumping into that role, trying not to look back in and just growing and learning,” Tannehill said Wednesday, via Teresa Walker of the Associated Press.

Only Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has thrown more touchdowns (39) since Tannehill assumed the starting gig in Tennessee last season.

In helping lead the Titans to a 5-1 start this season, Tannehill has thrown 15 touchdowns with just two interceptions. He’s completing 68.5 percent of his passes with a 112.3 passer rating. All four statistics rank inside the top 10 in the league at the position.

Tannehill’s play has helped fully unlock Derrick Henry in Tennessee’s offense and allowed the Titans to become an efficient offensive attack. And with a full season’s worth of starts in Tennessee under his belt, he’s vaulted himself into the conversation as one of the league’s best.

“So thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization, part of this team,” Tannehill said. “And thankful for the teammates that I have around me that make going out there and playing each and every day a ton of fun, and obviously winning is a lot of fun as well.”

13 responses to “Ryan Tannehill producing like one of league’s best QBs after season’s worth of starts for Titans

  1. Oh could it be the other way around Derrick Henry has unlocked and unleashed Tanenhill’s potential.

  2. So there is hope for Sam Darnold after 2 years of Adam Gase. When Gase get’s fired after locking up the 1st pick of the draft, I hope the NFL never sees him again.

  3. And the fools around here still think he’s the Miami Tannehill. He got paid for a reason.

  4. Makes you wonder how much longer the Jets will keep Adam Gase. His former players seem to play much better when they get a Coach

  5. People love to act like he is riding Henry. Looks at Henry’s stats last season before Tannehill took over. They were ok, but not great. Having a potent passing offense has opened things up for Henry. And then in turn, having a threat like Henry has really opened things up in the passing game. Tannehill and Henry have such a symbiotic relationship, perfectly complement each other. Neither is riding the others coattails. That’s lazy analysis. It took a while for me to become sold on Tannehill, but what other proof do you need? He has played like a top 5 QB since taking over.

  6. He was never the problem in Miami. The horrible coaching he got under Joe Philbin and Adam Gase plus awful personnel decisions under Tannenbaum doomed him. Never had an even a decent O Line outside of a handful of games. He would constantly get crushed up the middle because the guards were horrible. He couldn’t even get a 3 step drop in without having to duck and cover. And the myth that he was injury prone is another fallacy. He had one injury that should have had surgery but didn’t and it completely let loose the following training camp. That’s it. Same injury just not treated as it should have been. And that’s really impressive given the beating he took in Miami. I love seeing him succeed in Tennessee. He deserved better than what he got from my Fins. Go Ryan!

  7. I mean c’mon – we’re just going to ignore that he is doing all of this because of Henry??!!

    He is Kirk Cousins 2.0 – he is really good off play-action when the running game has the front 7 keyed on the RB, but he is VERY average when the defense knows he’s throwing.

    If Derrick Henry gets hurt, the really RT will show up again.

    That being said, I’m happy he got a 2nd chance to show he’s not 100% crap and Adam Gase is prolly not the QB whisperer he thinks he is

  8. I feel like this team is the template for what the Giants should become once they sort things out. A team whose threat of the run open up a potent pass game. To say the least, the Giants have a way to go to get there. And before I get an avalanche of trolling comments, I know it’s a captain obvious statement- lol

  9. Tannehill and El Tractorcito play off each other. Neither one is carrying the other. It’s “pick your poison” with TN. Commit to stopping Henry and Tannehill gets off. Back off into coverage and here comes the diesel. Not too many teams have the defense to stop both.

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