Kyle Rudolph talks “frustrating” season, addresses trade rumors


The 1-5 Vikings began the year with a home loss to the Packers. On Sunday, Minnesota tries to turn a lost season around by returning the favor to Green Bay at Lambeau Field.

On Friday, veteran tight end and offensive captain Kyle Rudolph reflected on the first six games of 2020 during a visit to PFT PM.

“I think if I had to describe this season in one word it would be ‘frustrating,'” he said. “And I would say frustrating because when you look at the body of work that we’ve had over the last six weeks here, you sit here at 1-5 but you look at the fact that we’ve played three teams that were three of the last undefeated teams. We were in each of those games lost two of them by one point.”

Specifically, the Vikings lost to the 5-1 Packers, to the 5-1 Titans, and to the 5-1 Seahawks.

“You are what your record says you are,” Rudolph said. “That’s the business we’re in. It’s about wins and losses. But at the same time I think we’re much better than a 1-5 football team. Thankfully for us, we had the opportunity over the bye week to evaluate things that we’ve done well. Obviously there are things that we’re doing to cause us to lose football games and we’re able to address those. If we can eliminate those and continue to do the things that we’ve done well over the last month and a half and we’ve got a chance to win football games and see where we’re at.”

The narrow, disappointing loss to the Seahawks was followed by a confounding loss to the Falcons. Rudolph was asked whether defeat in Seattle contributed to the outcome a week later.

“No doubt,” Rudolph said. “We’ve struggled with that big time here over the last few years. Whether it’s emotional wins — I think back to the 2017 playoffs, the 2019 playoffs. You win big games at the end, and then have a letdown the following week. Then it’s no different when you have an emotional game and you’re on the losing side. Like I said, for us we were able to kind of go back over the bye week and believe it or not for us as an offense we found nine or 10 things that we’ve top five in the league in. Then you go and figure out, ‘Why are we still 1-5?’ And you look at our turnovers and our play in the third quarter. We can’t put ourselves in those situations and beat teams week in and week out.”

If it happens again and if the Vikings lose on Sunday, could Rudolph end up being traded before Tuesday’s deadline?

“I joked around a couple times this week that I feel like I’ve been on the trade block for the last three years and I’m still here in Minnesota,” he said. “I love it here. I hope to finish my career here. But as you know when you’re around this business long enough, it is a business and people have to make decisions. I can’t control that. All that I can control is going out to practice and doing everything I can to prepare myself to play well against the Green Bay Packers.”

Rudolph also can control how he uses his platform and influence for good. Currently, he’s auctioning several items foe the benefit of Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. The End Zone gives patients and their family members a place to engage in various activities outside of their hospital rooms or in-between clinic visits.

If you’d like, you can bid on a signed helmet, signed cleats, or a personalized Polaris Slingshot. You also can simply make a donation.

35 responses to “Kyle Rudolph talks “frustrating” season, addresses trade rumors

  1. He wonders if he’s on the trade block? Hmmmmmm let’s see. He is WAY overpaid for his production, has past his prime, often injured, playing on a dumpster fire of a team that’s already been desperately selling off its assets and on the brink of firing its coach and GM for continued ineptitude, and they also drafted his replacent last year. Getting it yet Kyle?

  2. Not much choice… The vikings were in such a mess with the salary cap before the virus hit. Now they have big time problems

  3. I’m calling it now. He’s getting traded to the Tennessee Titans or to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I’m leaning more towards the Titans. I have a sixth sense when it comes to roster changes.

  4. I like Rudy but he is overpaid and being used as a blocking TE. The Vikings have 2 other good TEs and the best FB in the league. I like having him around but we don’t have the cash and frankly, other teams could use him better. Thanks for your service Rudy, but it just isn’t in the cards.

  5. The Vikes are better than their 1-5 record (Bill Parsells to the contrary). But the aren’t as good as their fans think. And it’ll get worse with their bad salary cap situation getting much worse next season with the anticipated cap reduction being in the 20mil range. Belechick is right, expect lot’s of salary dumps next year. Even with a much better cap situation, the Pats are looking in that direction both in terms of who they’ll have to part ways with and in terms of who they may acquire at bargain rates.

  6. “ There is so much suffering and misery in MN this year.”

    When Rogers broke his collarbone trying to draw a personal foul on Anthony Barr the Packers started losing like it was thier mission. But You did not get this same delight in another teams misfortune from us that you now see when we are having a down year. Yes there are big differences between the two fan bases. I can’t really understand the level of hatred that the folks on the east feel for a collection of players most of which have no other roots in the state. I guess if you are filled with hate you need to focus it somewhere. Maybe it is better than acting it out against some other group.

  7. It’s the defense. Even with the horrible offensive line the offense is putting up points. Defense is one of the worst in the league. Can’t rush QB. Can’t stop the run. Young secondary is atrocious.

  8. This one is on the ego of Zimm thinking he could teach up this group of c-squad DB’s

  9. ragnarthegreat says:
    But You did not get this same delight in another teams misfortune from us that you now see when we are having a down year.


    LMAO. Yes we did, and then some. Viking fans were getting more delight from the Packers’ misfortune than from their own team’s success.

  10. Come on just say it. The problem is Kirk. Couple that with a young secondary and poor coaching and scheme and this is what we have. If your Qb has to have a perfect oline, perfect running game and can only throw out of play action, then he is not a good QB. He has ruined this team

  11. oldgrouch
    Speak for yourself and not what you THINK the “fans” of this team think.

    I think with the decimated defense they should be 3-3. Should NOT have lost the Titans game and should NOT have lost the Seahawks game.

    The other ones they just made too many mistakes to be in them and deserved to lost them.

    So, you can stop talking about how their “Fans” think they are so much better, blah, blah, blah, barf, etc.

    Not 1-5 talent, but with a decimated defense and injuries on O-line, I challenge ANY team to have done much better with all those veteran losses AND injuries.

  12. MN’s problem is currently their O-line. And receiving corp. And their linebackers. And their D in general. And their QB play. And the RB situation. And the coaching staff. And the fan base. Otherwise fine.

  13. I’ll simply say I hope his career ends here based on his off the field charity and the fact the QB doesn’t utilize him. The guy is a key blocker in a heavy run team and at 6’6″ he is virtually open on almost all pass plays.
    I never wanted Cousins, but was blown out of the water for being a hater of most who suddenly hate him now based on his crappy play this year.

    I’m not a Zimmer hater though. He is slammed by people who praise other young coaches older ones like river boat Ron for going big or go home. He is also dealing with a bunch of youngsters on defense that improve week to week.

    This season is about how I thought it would be. If anything Cousins needs a sports psychologist.

  14. This Viking team is better than their record. I wouldn’t be surprised if they surprise the Packers.

  15. ragnarthegreat says:
    October 31, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    But You did not get this same delight in another teams misfortune from us that you now see when we are having a down year. Yes there are big differences between the two fan bases.


    Ragnar I respect you and you are one of only a handful of Viking fans on this site I can say that about. But you are dead wrong here.

    Go sample three random stories after a Packer loss in the period after Rodgers injury until LaFleur got hired. I am confident Purple delight will be evident. Very confident.

    Sorry you have to deal with what others have sown.

  16. He’s got a QB whose wife insists he wears his wedding ring on game day (that, or he has made that decision himself, which is telling). Priorities. He’d rather his wife can watch him on TV showing how committed he is to her than manning up and playing ball. As a Packers fan that’s fine by me.

  17. Kirk Cousins is like the second coming of Jay Cutler. He’ll always disappoint and it will take years for the team to recover from him.

  18. This team talent wise is much better then there record and will find a way starting today to scrap back in it. The Bears and the Pack both have good records for so so teams and loses will start piling up along the way while the Vikings will be winning. 5 games from now they will overtake both of them.

  19. philmccracken says:
    November 1, 2020 at 9:22 am
    The biggest problem with the Vikings is that they’re terrible at football.


    It also bears repeating how horrible their GM is at contracts. By offering Cousins the 1st fully guaranteed QB in football he set off the rash of higher guarantees for players which guarantees players can’t be cut or traded if they don’t perform.

    He has so screwed the league. Case in point, the Vikings have no chance of trading our cutting Cousins until 2022. Why? because all his money is guaranteed.

  20. We’re a terrible football organization. The decisions to extend Cousins, Cook, Zim, and Speilman are ruinous. Zimmer is incapable of making in game adjustments, managing a clock, and cannot for the life of him breakout of the wagon wheel ruts of 1990’s game planning. The defense is in shambles and will be for a while. the secondary is beyond bad. They’re awful. The O-line is exactly what you should expect when you don’t take it seriously. I’ve been trying to sell my season tickets for a year and I finally got my first offer for my 4 seat licensing fee. $3,750. I’m into the 4 seat licensing fee for $9,000. That’s actually very precise and accurate measuring stick for the quality of this team: they’re about 33% of what they were in the past. And my tickets are likely unsellable unless I want to take he huge loss. Thanks MN Vikings football…I really appreciate the way you’ve taken care of your season ticket holders.

  21. I’m going to retract a potion of my last comment. Cook may well be worth every penny. BUT there’s a lot of games left and he could get injured again or Zim could ruin him. There I said it.

  22. One of the great people in the league. I met him, and he’s nicer than he comes across in interviews. Smart and kind, rare in this profession.

  23. philmccracken says:
    November 1, 2020 at 9:22 am
    The biggest problem with the Vikings is that they’re terrible at football.

    7 8 Rate This

    Apparently better than the peckers.

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