Bruce Arians on possible Tampa Bay trades: “You never know”

Getty Images

The Buccaneers have gone all in this season, with repeated acquisitions of short-term talent in the hopes of winning a Super Bowl now. With two days left for future assets to become current enhancement of the team via trades, the Bucs haven’t slammed the door on the possibility.

“You never know,” coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Saturday. “We don’t know what this ball game is going to bring yet. [General Manager] Jason [Licht’s] got some things on the table if we need them, but I wouldn’t say we’ll probably be really active.”

An injury on Monday night could create a need for the Buccaneers to enhance an area of the roster. Or perhaps an opportunity could emerge if a team that already is having a bad season loses today and is willing to sell assets — especially the Patriots fall to 2-5 and quarterback Tom Brady would like to bring more of his former teammates to town.

If that happens, of course, Brady will have had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.